Disgaea RPG to launch worldwide on mobile on April 12!


Disgaea RPG, well known on Switch, is finally coming to iOS and Android! The announcement of its launch on April 12 comes frommobile game publisher Boltrend Games. The game, an RPG based on the Japanese series Nippon Ichi Software, will be available on mobile and tablet devices worldwide on April 13!

Disgaea RPG is coming to the West: all the useful information!

This gacha game was officially released in March 2019. A disastrous launch that resulted in the servers being closed until November of the same year. This summer 2020, a PC version of Disgaea RPG was released in Japan. Fortunately, the game was more successful (phew). Since then, Sony subsidiary ForwardWorks has expressed reluctance to adapt the Japanese console licence into a mobile game. And yet, Disgaea RPG is here and will soon be available everywhere, starting tonight!

This year 2021, the mobile version of the RPG is about to arrive in the West. The game will be released on iOS and Android on April 12, 2021 at 6pm. Disgaea RPG will set up on its own on April 13, at 1am. Western servers will open at 5am.

A game based on the Japanese series by Nippon Ichi Software

Boltrend Games, a Chinese publisher, specialises in the exploitation of Japanese licences abroad via mobile games. Boltrend Games is therefore responsible for the worldwide launch of Disgaea RPG. The game appears as a way to introduce the Japanese series, the characters, but also the logic and mechanics as well as the different modes. The game proposes to relive passages of episodes, for the greatest pleasure of the fans, but also of those who discover. Japanese voices and English texts are to be expected. Review your basics before you start!

You will be able to discover characters from the series such as Flonne, Etna or Mao. We know, these characters will make you go through all the emotions! In addition, you will appreciate the Final Fantasy style combat system at turn-based. The goal is to gather the best team to fight all your enemies.

Disgaea RPG on mobile
Disgaea RPG on mobile

If you want to pre-register for the iOS launch, or pre-register for the Android launch, you can do so now. By the way, you can also check out the current list of games available for pre-registration.

Don't wait any longer to pre-download the Disgaea RPG before its official worldwide launch! The game will automatically download to your device. Feel free to share your first impressions of the game in comments!

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