Xbox Series X controller compatible with mobile devices

Xbox Mobile Controller

Xbox has decided to keep an eye on phone and tablet gamers. After the XCloud project which will be released on September 15th, the company has announced that its next range of controllers, Xbox Series X, will be compatible with mobiles. Whether they're on Android or iOS, everyone will be able to benefit from it and that's great news for gamers !

While some mobile games can be played simply with the touch screen by holding your phone, it is true that more complex games are much more enjoyable with a controller. Games like Minecraft and Sea of Thieves fall into this category and as they will be included in the XCloud, the Xbox Series X is a welcome addition!
An all-terrain controller!

An Xbox mobile controller with good timing

Microsoft is working hard to harmonise all the platforms on which the company operates. Its next series of controllers, the Xbox Series X, will bring gamers even closer together. It will be compatible with computers as well as phones. So there will be no limits and your controller will be truly all-purpose.

An Xbox controller for mobile gaming.
Xbox Series X controllers come with XCloud for a premium mobile gaming experience.

The timing is excellent, as Xbox has scheduled the release of its XCloud for the fall. Included in the Xbox Game PassThis game catalogue will offer a multitude of choices.

Gamers will be able to enjoy more than 100 mobile games, including Xbox Game Studios creations. And all this with a real controller. The gaming experience will be greatly enhanced. There will be more control and your fingers won't get in the way.

Are mobiles the handheld consoles of tomorrow?

Throughout the ages, many portable consoles have been created. Companies have used their imagination to develop Game Boy (Color, Advance, etc.), Nintendo DS, PSP or Playstation Vita. However, in this competition, we may have underestimated the potential of another competitor: mobiles!

An Xbox controller that makes the mobile a real competitor.

As the mobile gaming industry continues to grow, phones are becoming increasingly powerful. The vast majority of the population now owns a smartphone. Therefore, there is a real consumer market to be had. So it's no surprise to see Xbox take an interest in the sector and release its mobile-friendly Xbox Series X range!

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