A new mobile controller model designed by Xbox

A new mobile controller model designed by Xbox

The smartphone is gradually becoming a real portable video game console. The time when mobile games were limited to basic games is over. Today, there are many PC games adapted for the phone(Fortnite, PUBG, etc.), MudRunneretc.).
However, the interface of a phone and especially its smaller screen can limit the user's comfort and the gaming experience. To overcome this, 8BitDo has specialised in creating controllers for smartphones.
With its latest mobile model, the SN30 Pro, it believes it has found the ultimate model that will fit perfectly into the Microsoft Xbox universe.

A handy mobile controller

The mobile controller presented is, for the moment, in a uniform black colour . But it is likely that customisable models will be released later.
It should have 18 hours of autonomy and will be charged via a USB (Type-C) cable. It has all the characteristics of the previous model that has already proven itself, adapting perfectly to the Microsoft console and Xcloud servers. It is also Bluetooth enabled, even though this may seem obvious.

SN30 Pro Xbox controller and mobile holder
The controller with its mobile holder

Available from 21 September, it will cost around $45. Pre-orders are open and delivery will be via Amazon US. However, it is possible that the prices will differ a little and that the delivery times will be a little longer for us Europeans. Especially since with the Covid-19 pandemic, international deliveries have been slowed down.

How to use it

The Xbox Mobile Controller does not come alone, but with a smartphone holder! This ergonomic and well thought-out stand is to be clipped onto the controller and has several tilt angles. This way, you can enjoy a very comfortable gaming experience: choose your position while always keeping the screen in front of you.

All the buttons of a classic controller are present: dual analogue joysticks, directional cross, four trigger buttons and four classic front buttons. What's more, you can even adjust the sensitivity of the joysticks for maximum customisation.
As the controller will be able to save profiles, you can lend it out without fear. It's sure to keep your family and friends happy. Looks like 8BitDo and Microsoft have done a really good job 😉

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