MudRunner : the simulation game is coming to mobile

MudRunner on mobile

The extreme driving simulation game MudRunner will be released on mobile on 15 July. Available on Android and iOS, all users should have access to it. To live this ultra-realistic and immersive driving experience, you will have to spend 6.99 euros.
After being released on PC and various consoles (including the Nintendo Switch), the game becomes truly all-terrain with its mobile version. Get in the car Simone! And don't forget to check your blind spots before turning 😉

A simple but effective simulation game!

For those who don't know MudRunner or SnowRunner (its little brother), the game is not rocket science. It's a driving simulation where you are in charge of delivering goods and materials from one point to another. The problem is that you have to drive in extreme conditions! Limited vision, slippery roads or disrupted traffic, absolutely everything is accident prone. So keep your eyes open and your foot on the brake pedal to avoid ending up in the middle of nowhere!

MudRunner the famous blue van
Mud will be your main obstacle in this simulation game.

Focus Home Interactive, the development studio, offers a very successful experience. While the game may seem minimalist, it is actually not that easy. Indeed, players have to calculate the paths to take and show dexterity to perform the manoeuvres in the best possible way.

MudRunner mobile a fairly complete version

While one of the iconic models of the game will remain the little blue van, the mobile version offers several variants. 16 vehicles with different characteristics will be available at launch. 15 different environments await you, pending probable updates. Each one is more hostile than the next, and we can assure you that each one will bring its own set of difficulties!
You will also find a free play mode, the "sandbox" game mode, which will allow you to have maximum freedom to enjoy yourself.

A short trailer that gives few details.

While waiting for the release in a few days, you can still pre-order the game. For the moment, the trailer doesn't give us much information about the mobile version and we still don't know if the cooperative and multiplayer game modes will be available.

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I think the game is very good and I would like to play it!

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