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In between boss battles on Bloodborne or Dark Souls III, our editor-in-chief Platypousse likes to look after her plants and watch an episode of Moomins under a blanket.

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Honor of Kings tier list

Honor of Kings tier list in 2024: ranking of the best heroes

Whatever your gameplay preferences in Honor of Kings, Tencent's MOBA, you need to select the best heroes if you hope to win your games. In this H...

Release of Tarisland on Android and iOS

Tarisland is FINALLY here: go and download it for Android or iOS!

Many of you have been waiting for it, but it's finally here! Tarisland, the new MMORPG from Tencent and Level Infinite, has been available on the...

Tarisland tier list of the best classes

Tarisland tier list: ranking of the best classes in 2024

In Tarisland, as in all MMORPGs, the choice of class is essential. You need to select a class and specialisation that suits you, but that will al...

Pand Land released in Japan

Pokémon devs release a new mobile RPG in Japan!

If you've played the latest Pokémon games, then the name Game Freak certainly rings a bell! Game Freak are the devs behind the games in the famou...

Werewolf: Heart of the Forest released on iOS

Werewolf: Heart of the Forest, the tabletop RPG now available on iOS!

Here's a piece of news that will delight fans of tabletop RPGs (including some members of the editorial team!): Werewolf: Heart of the Forest, th...

How to leave a guild in Cookie Run: Kingdom

How to leave a guild in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

In CRK, it's possible to join, and even create, a guild once you've reached episode 3 of the story mode. You've joined a group of players but, fo...

Ash Echoes pre-registration

Ash Echoes: Tencent's new game launches global pre-registrations

Announced at Tencent SPARK 2023 and following a closed beta in China, Ash Echoes is launching global pre-registration for its upcoming release on...

Project Party announcement from Lilith Games

The creators of AFK Arena announce a new game: Project Party!!

Following on from Dislyte, AFK Arena and more recently AFK Journey, Lilith Games has announced its latest game: Project Party. But here, there wi...

 mobile gaming recap 163

Recap #163: What's new this week in mobile gaming?

In this week's recap (No. 163), we take a look at the week's must-have mobile games releases, mobile news and pre-registrations/test phases not t...

Best AFK Journey Primal Lord comps

AFK Journey Primal Lord: best team comps

The AFK Journey Primal Lord is a recurring event in which players from the same server are brought together to defeat a boss that appears on the...

Release of Sword of Convallaria on 31 July

The Sword of Convallaria JRPG is finally coming to mobile on 31 July!

The eagerly-awaited new JRPG inspired by Final Fantasy and Octopath Traveler (no less!) hits Android and iOS stores on 31 July. Published by XD I...

Trailer for Haven: Forge Friendships to Save the World

Haven: Forge Friendships to Save the World unveils its very first trailer!

Unleashed Games, the studio founded in 2023 by industry veterans, has unveiled the trailer for its first project to be released on mobile, PC and...

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