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Best Party Games on Mobile

All fans of multiplayer games love Party Games Mobile! These games are basically made for fun evenings with friends. Literally, "Party Games" means "party games"! This type of game is quite typical, as party games are often made up of mini-games. You usually have to win these mini-games in order to win THE game. The principle is simple: have fun, gather as many players as possible, and do it quickly and easily.
Accessible to all, these mobile games can be played in real life or via text or voice chat! We love mobile party games, it's user friendly! That's why we've prepared a small selection of mobile games to play with friends and family. We've also thought about the most broke of you, and yes, all the games we're going to present in this top are free mobile party games! Let's go! 😉

What are Party Games?

Ultra popular in the 2000s, Party Games are back in force in recent years! For our greatest pleasure. Because yes, the main goal of this type of game is to have fun without taking the head! In the past, we knew the Party Games on Nintendo DS like Mario Party, The Croods, or Crazy Circus. Nowadays, in the era where the smartphone is inviting itself into gaming (yes!), Party Games on iOS and Android are in top trend.

These simple and fun games have a certain vintage charm that doesn't go unnoticed. You'll especially love playing these social games with friends, since multiplayer is the very DNA of Party Games. Between Among Us, Heads Up! or Spaceteam, all these games will keep your evenings busy as they should be!

You'll need to complete several mini-games in order to complete the current game. Share your game experiences, laughter and competitive spirit with your friends in a voice chat while you play! Your game will only get better! 😉
Let's get to the heart of the matter! Here are our top 10 free mobile party games!

The 10 best mobile party games of the moment

We have selected the best party games on mobile. And don't forget to try them all, they're free! Ready to play? 😊

available on google play
available on app store

Among Us is surely one of the most popular mobile, Switch, console and PC party games. The game, published by InnerSloth, is simple and addictive! You represent, with your buddies, or with strangers, little astronauts in a spaceship.
You play either a crewmate or an imposter. The crewmates are members of the crew who have to accomplish small quests on board the ship. Imposters must kill crewmates without being detected. Note that imposters cannot play mini-games on the ship. They must therefore pretend to do the quests to avoid being suspected!

This atmospheric multiplayer game can be played by 4 to 10 players and can take place either on the famous spaceship, on board an airship, in a flying building or in a planetary base. Players can play in voice mode. Regularly, a vote will be required to eliminate the impostor(s).

icon Crossy Road

2️⃣ Crossy Road

➡️ Visit the official developer website

available on google play
available on app store

Crossy Road is a multiplayer mobile game where you can challenge your friends and family on the same device! The characters are funny, the system is simple and the whole thing is a great running arcade game. The principle: you will be asked questions and you will have to investigate to find the right answers.
You have a wide choice of skins and you can run around freely in this game without limits! Ideal for young players and for physical players.

available on google play
available on app store

Who doesn't know the famous game of Uno? This multiplayer game occupied many of our afternoons as children (and adults)! The game is celebrating 50 years of fun and games with +4 and reversal cards! The cool thing about this mobile version of Uno is that you can customise the rules of the game.

Play with your family, your friends, but also with players from all over the world with its online multiplayer system! You can play with others, but also in solo mode, or participate in tournaments and events to win rewards. Real-time matches, games in a lounge with your own rules... In short, many possibilities, we love it!

icon King of the Opera

4️⃣ King of Opera - Party Game!

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available on google play
available on app store

King of the Opera is a multiplayer game that can be played on the same smartphone! From 1 to 4 players, play solo or with other players and enjoy wild parties! The goal of the game? You have a few seconds to manage a tenor singer and win a maximum of points. Watch out for the other tenors to become THE king of the opera!
A game for young and old that will make you dance like never before! 🎵

icon Loup Garou for one night

5️⃣ Werewolf for a night

➡️ Visit the Ravensburger website

available on google play
available on app store

Loup Garou pour une nuit is a game by Ravensburger. As you might expect, this mobile game is a party game inspired by the wolf game of Thiercelieux. This game is available from the age of 8, from 3 to 10 players. Again, like in the game Wolfy, for example, you can play a variety of roles with special abilities.
Your goal? To find the wolves, or to kill the villagers when night falls. You can play as a fortune teller and discover one player's map at night, or as a hungry wolf! Will you manage to escape the gaze of your mates?

icon Stickman Party

6️⃣ Stickman Party

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available on google play
available on app store

Stickman Party is a set of multiplayer and single player games. With this Swiss army knife game, you can play alone, with 2, 3 or even 4 players on the same phone. This game is mainly intended for local games, meaning you can play offline!
Here are the types of games you can find:

  • Multiplayer tanks
  • Stickman football
  • Car rally
  • Paint

We'll let you discover this game for yourself!

icon Spaceteam

7️⃣ Spaceteam

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available on google play
available on app store

Spaceteam is a team game that can gather from 2 to 8 players simultaneously. Each player must have their own device to play this mobile party game. You are in charge of a random control panel with lots of switches, buttons and sliders. You have to follow certain instructions within a time limit. You have to be fast and work as a team, as each player receives instructions for himself, but also for other players! Good communication is therefore central! All this, of course, while trying to escape a star explosion! That's all. 😅

available on google play
available on app store

This game will make your head spin! Triple Agent is a logic and deduction board game. This game is available for 5 or more players and revolves around espionage. Each player is assigned a role as a service agent and one player will be assigned the role of the VIRUS double agent. The goal for the VIRUS agents is to play the duty agents against each other to gain an advantage! A game that feels very Among Us or Loup Garou, which is exactly what we like about Party Games on mobile!

icon Charades!

9️⃣ Charades!

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available on google play
available on app store

Charades! is a guessing game that can be played by several players! In this game, you will have to pass a multitude of funny and sometimes sporting challenges. What's on the agenda? Dancing, singing, drawing. Several decks of cards are available depending on your preferences: music from the 70s, science, series, etc. What are you waiting for to download? Fun guaranteed!

Charades! interface in English

available on google play
available on app store

Heads Up! is played with physical players, ideal for a drink at a party with friends. The goal is to place the phone on your forehead and play as a team. The person with the phone on their forehead has to find out what is written on it thanks to the indications and mimes of the other members of their team!

Game Hedas Up!

I hope that our selection of the best mobile party games has helped you find your new party companion! Feel free to test the games yourself by clicking on the various links to the Google Play Store and the App Store. Also, tell us in comments what you thought of this TOP and what you would have put in our place. Also, don't hesitate to read our other TOPs: best mobile Battle Royale games or best mobile FPS! 😎

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