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Free mobile arcade games

Free mobile arcade games have never been as popular as they are today since their inception! These simple games, with constant and short challenges, are very addictive. They are based on the codes of arcade games, such as Donkey Kong. As well as the most popular DS games, such as Mario Bros.
In short, arcade games are all about having a good time! Once you start one of these games, you won't be able to leave your phone!
Let's go, here's our selection of the ten best arcade games on mobile! Get set, go! 😉

What is a mobile arcade game?

What do you mean you don't know what an arcade game is on mobile? Well, you know the games that are in the arcade? Those super addictive games that you can't stop playing! Among the first arcade games on phones, there was Doodle Jump, or the famous Angry Birds.

These games are action games where you only have one mission to complete. Arcade games are therefore simple and fast. But above all, they make you want to keep on playing and to keep onplaying! The fashion then returns to the 80s and 90s with these games without limits that allow you to pass the time while having fun!

Today, arcade games are more social than they used to be. Some of them can even be played in multiplayer mode. Some mobile arcade games are very similar to mobile party games!

The 10 best mobile arcade games of the moment

We have selected the best free mobile arcade games, for all vintage lovers! So here are 10 arcade games on Android or iOS phones, to discover without any limits! 😊

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Orbia is a super relaxing game. This mobile arcade game offers you unique challenges to play with your friends. This mobile game is available on iOS and Android in multiplayer mode. Its enchanting atmosphere is sure to seduce you! In Orbia, you must navigate a circuit with a multitude of obstacles to dodge. The game is simple and easy to learn. This makes it an arcade game par excellence.

The difficulty is increasing. Your goal will be to get better as the games go on in order to reach the next level. Collect bonuses and use them to make sparks fly. Chain together combos to get more and more fantastic rewards !

The graphics are beautiful and minimalist, very dreamlike. The music fits perfectly as it mixes fantasy and bouncy sound effects. Several worlds are available with several levels. On top of that, you can unlock many skins! What are you waiting for? The game is free! 🤩

available on google play
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Crossy Road is a highly addictive game! This mobile game is a multiplayer game on the same device. You can play against your friends or family on your phone at the same time. What's more, you can play it on the big screen with the Android TV system.

Your mission will be to answer various wacky questions such as "Why did the chicken cross the road? To help you, 150 retro-style characters are available for optimal play. You will have to jump across roads and traffic lanes without getting hit!

The game is free, simple and particularly innovative. We love it!

icon Fruit Ninja 2

3️⃣ Fruit Ninja 2 - Action Games

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available on google play
available on app store

In the spirit of Fruit Ninja 1, Fruit Ninja 2 is an action game and a pure mobile arcade game that was one of the first on the phone. Dive into the world of Fruitasia and slice fruit without limit! Get your blade ready and play a multitude of mini-games, added from the first game.

Fruit Ninja 2 promises to deliver fun and exciting gameplay in action-packed time slots. So what are you waiting for? Draw your blade and get ready to slice! The game is a lot of fun, with many bonus levels to unlock.

You can collect legendary blades and other items. Great arenas, combos and attacks, lots of ways to play Fruit Ninja 2! Reveal your inner ninja and slice your fruit! It is one of the best free mobile arcade games.

icon Fluffy Fall

4️⃣ Fluffy Fall: Run to avoid danger!

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Fluffy Fall is a fun, no-holds-barred 3D runner! This cute arcade game requires you to fly your fluffy through various hazards with just one finger. Avoid flames, dodge ice, weave through lasers and overcome other formidable obstacles in your path.

This game will appeal to children and adults alike. It's almost impossible to stop playing! A good dose of adrenaline. Collect gold and avoid blocks to win. You can choose your fluffy, 60 little characters to unlock as you succeed!

icon Hungry Shark Evolution

5️⃣ Hungry Shark Evolution

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available on google play
available on app store

Ubisoft is bringing us Hungry Shark Evolution, an action packed game! This is the official game of Shark Week. The goal is to take control of a hungry shark and eat everything that comes along, while exploring the underwater world! You can make your sharks evolve like white sharks or the famous megalodon.

Twelve sharks are to be unlocked through the games. But not only that, since you can unlock other types of underwater creatures! With 3D graphics that allow for true underwater immersion, explore the depths and eat all the fish, and other creatures, that are available to you.

You can equip your shark with accessories such as lasers, or even a top hat! You can even recruit baby sharks to teach them how to hunt. The shell on the rock: the game is played offline, no need for a Wi-Fi connection!

available on google play
available on app store

Let's be honest, who doesn't know PAC-MAN? The iconic arcade game is celebrating its 40th anniversary and for the occasion, BANDAI NAMCO has released this iconic game on smartphone!
The game is aimed at young and old alike and is THE most famous arcade game. Guide PAC-MAN through the maze to eat all the fruit and pacballs while avoiding the ghost gang. Or turn them blue by eating a pac-gum and devour them.

A very vintage gameplay that does not lose its charm. On the contrary! With an 80's atmosphere activated, dive into the PAC-MAN coloured universe. Take part in tournaments, collect tokens and discover new features and new mazes. Devour 20 ghosts, eat 4 fruits, get 1000 points, etc. Many daily missions to keep you busy!

PAC-MAN is a free mobile arcade game, would you be tempted? We already have!

icon Color Switch

7️⃣ Color Switch

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available on google play
available on app store

Ready to try out a colourful game? Color Switch is a colourful switch and this is the Color Switch: Phoenix version, a reinvention of the original game. This fast-paced game offers you plenty of mini-games and new features compared to the previous version of Color Switch. There's also new music for your listening pleasure.

Always tap faster so that the ball can pass all the obstacles. You must carefully follow the colour pattern to get through and follow the perfect timing. Earn stars to unlock more ball types!
Many challenges await you, as well as many new game modes, added with each update!

icon Duddle Jump

8️⃣ Doodle Jump

🕹 Discover also Doodle Jump 2 !

available on google play
available on app store

Doodle Jump is well known. It was impossible not to mention it in a TOP 10 of mobile arcade games. Ready for the big jump? Doodle Jump mobile was developed by the original Doodle Jump team. A perfect and addictive microgame that everyone has already tried. If you haven't, this is your chance, because this game is totally free.

The goal is to try to climb to the top of the paper. Jump from platform to platform, equip yourself with jetpacks, avoid falling into black holes and blast the bad guys with balls. You can track other players' scores in real time as you beat them.

Jump into many fantastic worlds and discover new places. You can conquer space, explore the jungle, or go deep into the sea. Many worlds are also available during special events such as Halloween. Your mission: avoid enemies and obstacles to reach the top! More than 100 missions are available to you to earn numerous rewards.

icon Space Shooter: Alien Invaders

9️⃣ Space Shooter: Alien Invaders

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available on google play
available on app store

Captain, the invaders are coming! Space Shooter is an arcade game that will appeal to lovers of space opera and space shooting games. Simulate aerial combat and explore space while fending off aliens! You play as the hero who must save our beautiful galaxy from invaders. Control a spaceship and shoot! As you progress through the game, it will become possible to upgrade your craft to develop its full offensive potential.
The game offers you beautiful special effects, as well as bonuses, rewards and a final boss. You will even have the possibility to change and upgrade your weapons to fight the evil aliens.

icon Pinball Deluxe

🔟 Pinball Deluxe

🕹 Discover Pinball Deluxe: Reloaded!

available on google play
available on app store

Pinball Deluxe is the pinball style game that will appeal to the indoor arcade enthusiast. Have fun on these unique game tables with different features. Move the ball and unlock mini-games to play on the matrix screen.
Now this game is even available with a multiplayer mode. Here you can compete against other players and participate in epic tournaments!

So there you have it, I hope our selection of the best free mobile arcade games has fulfilled your expectations! Tell us in comments which game you prefer among those we have selected! And don't hesitate to tell us about your favourite arcade games! We are always open to new horizons. 😎

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