TOP 10: Best auto chess games on mobile Android and iOS of 2024

best auto chess games on mobile

Are you looking for the best auto chess games on mobile, but don't know which one to turn to? This sub-genre of strategy games has become very popular in the space of a few years. With its chess-like gameplay elements, auto-chess or auto-battler is a relatively competitive style of play that leaves little to chance. Check out our top 10 must-try mobile auto-chess games.

The 10 Best auto chess games on mobile to try

Without further ado, discover our selection of the 10 best auto chess games on mobile. This type of game is particularly popular with gamers, especially fans of strategy games. In fact, if you're interested in this style of game, take a look at our top 16 best mobile games for strategy. But today, we're focusing on the best auto-chess games on Android and iOS. Unsurprisingly, you'll find some very popular and world-famous titles. As well as games that are a little less famous, but which have literally won us over.


Hearthstone Battlegrounds, the best auto-chess on mobile

Heartstone Battlegrounds icon
Hearthstone Battlegrounds
  • Simple and intuitive to use

  • Numerous strategy options

  • Extremely popular on Twitch

And first place in our top of the best auto chess games on mobile list is held by the great Hearthstone Battlegrounds! This title is directly integrated into Hearthstone. It's so popular that on Twitch alone, the majority of Hearthstone-related streams are devoted to Battlegrounds. With its simple, intuitive gameplay and wealth of content, you'll soon be hooked on its gameplay.

In Hearthstone Battlegrounds, eight players compete in 1v1 rounds. The aim is to be the last player standing. There are plenty of heroes to choose from, so there's plenty of scope for effective strategies.

Even if it was difficult for us to determine which are the best auto chess mobile games, this first place is amply deserved.

best auto chess games on mobile: Heartstone Battlegrounds


DOTA Underlords

DOTA Underlords icon
DOTA Underlords
  • Inspired by theDOTA universe

  • Impressive graphics

  • A multitude of game modes

Developed by Valve, DOTA Underlords is an auto-battler based on the DOTA universe and clearly inspired by the DOTA Auto Chess mod. This game, which is currently one of the best auto chess mobile games on Android and iOS, features the heroes of DOTA 2.

DOTA Underlords offers a variety of game modes. There's PVP, of course. But there's also PVE with a co-op mode. The games take place on chess-style boards, where you have to face seven other players to win.

The graphics are impressive for this kind of game. But to enjoy DOTA Underlords, you'll need a recent smartphone. What's more, you can expect to have to recharge it quite often, as the battery drains visibly. Apart from that, this is one of the best auto chess games on mobile around, which is why it's in second place on the podium.

Best Dota Underlords mobile auto-chess



Gladiabots icon
  • A demanding game

  • The importance of skill

  • Our guilty pleasure

Gladiabots is an auto-battler that should not be played by everyone. Complex and a little hard to get to grips with, it's nonetheless addictive and highly addictive.

Form a team of robots and go head-to-head with your enemies, using carefully thought-out strategies. Gladiabots has both a PVP mode and a PVE mode, which you can use to get to grips with the game and test your strategies.

The real difficulty lies in increasing the power of your team. Forget gold and resources. The only way to make your team more powerful is with skill!

Gladiabots is our guilty pleasure and, without a doubt, one of the best auto chess mobile games on Android and iOS.

Gladiabots, one of the best auto chess games on mobile


Clash Mini

Clash Mini icon
Clash Mini
  • Gameplay inspired by DOTA Auto Chess

  • Easy to learn, like all Supercell games

  • A particularly addictive game

Fourth place in our ranking of the best auto chess games on mobile is reserved for Clash Mini. Supercell is responsible for this title, which is based on the Clash of Clans and Clash Royale universe.

Clash Mini's gameplay is inspired by DOTA Auto Chess. Each game begins with a preparation phase during which you must strategically place your minis and your hero.

Several game modes are available, including "Duel" and "Rumble". Like Supercell's other games, Clash Mini is fairly easy to get to grips with. The more you play, the more you'll want to play!

Clash Mini, auto-chess on mobile


Auto Brawl Chess

Auto Brawl Chess icon
Auto Brawl Chess
  • An auto-battler with gacha elements

  • A very interesting single-player campaign

  • Numerous game modes

There are plenty of reasons why we've included Auto Brawl Chess in our ranking of the best auto chess mobile games on Android and iOS. A mix of auto-battler and gacha RPG, this title lets you take part in a multitude of game modes: PVP, PVE, guild war or dungeon. There's even a very interesting single-player campaign.

You'll have lots of fun evolving your heroes to make them more powerful. Just because Auto Brawl Chess has some gacha elements, it doesn't mean you'll have to break the bank to gain power - quite the contrary.

If you've never tried this game, we recommend you do so without delay.

Auto Brawl Chess, auto-battler on Android and iOS


Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics icon
Teamfight Tactics
  • A game set in theworld of League of Legends

  • Inspired by DOTA Auto Chess

  • Features a large professional competitive scene

How can you talk about the best auto chess games on mobile without mentioning Teamfight Tactics? TFT is an auto-battler set in the world of one of Riot Games' most famous games: League of Legends.

Inspired by DOTA Auto Chess, a mod from DOTA 2, Teamfight Tactics lets you take on seven other players online. The aim is to be the last player alive at the end of the game.

Teamfight Tactics is hugely popular, and also boasts a very large professional competitive scene. The only thing we could criticise about this game is its difficulty. You'll certainly need to play several dozen games to master all the mechanics of this auto-chess game.

best auto chess games on mobile: Teamfight Tactics


Auto Chess

Auto Chess icon
Auto Chess
  • The benchmark for the genre!

  • Gripping gameplay

  • A classic title with a wealth of content

With several million players worldwide, Auto Chess remains the benchmark for the genre and one of the best auto chess games on mobile. Not particularly original, it nevertheless stands out for its addictive gameplay and its strategic, competitive 8-player battles.

E-sport competitions are held regularly, attracting even more players.

Rather classic in its approach, Auto Chess benefits from numerous updates that expand its already rich content. If you want to get started in this kind of game, we recommend that you download Auto Chess - you won't regret it.

Best mobile auto-chess


Chess Rush

Chess Rush icon
Chess Rush
  • An extremely addictive game

  • Not a pay-to-win game

  • Numerous heroes and game modes

In ninth place in our ranking of the best auto chess games on mobile on Android and iOS is Chess Rush. With its beautiful graphics, this non-pay-to-win game will appeal to both new and experienced players.

There are more than 50 heroes to choose from, and a wide variety of strategies. Several game modes will keep you on your toes, including the classic 8-player mode and the 2v2 co-op mode. The short 10-minute games mean you can get through them quickly. But be warned, this title is really addictive!

So what are you waiting for to test one of the best auto chess games on mobile?

Chess Rush, an auto-chess game on Android and iOS


Mythic Legends

Mythic Legends iône
Mythic Legends
  • No real-time combat

  • A rich medieval fantasy world

  • Progression maintained between games

Mythic Legends is in 10th place in our list of the best auto chess mobile games for a number of reasons. The game is set in a rich medieval fantasy world.

The principle of the title is to create decks of heroes in gacha mode to take on your opponents in PVP. But what's special about Mythic Legends is that you retain your progress between games. As a result, you need to constantly upgrade your heroes to ensure you don't come up against too many tough enemies.

Another special feature of the game is that, unlike other auto-battlers, there are no real-time battles. Instead, you fight against your opponents' pre-recorded defences.

Mythic Legends, best auto chess games on mobile


Soul Arena

Soul Arena icon
Soul Arena
  • Warhammer-inspired universe

A slight lack of innovation

Highly polished graphics

We round off our list of the best mobile auto-chess games with Soul Arena in 10th place. This free-to-play auto-battler is set in the Warhammer universe and is the worthy heir to Teamfight Tactics.

Very classic, this game suffers a little from a lack of innovation. But aside from that, its beautiful, polished graphics and interesting lore are sure to win you over.

Its gameplay is similar to that of most games in the same genre, so if you like auto-chess and you're a fan of the Warhammer licence, you can play it with your eyes shut.

Best Soul Arena mobile auto-chess

The different types of auto-chess on Android and iOS

On Android and iOS, there are a large number of auto-chess games. There's something for everyone, from the most classic to the most original and even innovative. It has to be said that the smartphone lends itself perfectly to this kind of game. Some auto-battlers are very intuitive to use, which is particularly important for beginners. However, the more experienced among you will not be outdone because, as you have seen throughout this ranking, there are also some very demanding auto-chess games.

Now that you know the list of our 10 best auto chess games on mobile, all you have to do is download them and try them out!

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