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Guide Jinx ADC Wild Rift | Build and Runes S1

Guide Jinx Wild Rift

Looking for a bit of madness on LoL: Wild Rift? The crazy shooter Jinx might just be for you! After causing a stir in Piltover, she's coming to the mobile version of League of Legends more determined than ever to make her mark. With this guide Jinx ADC Wild Rift, you'll learn all the secrets of thishyper-carrying champion. Because of her fragility, she often needs the rest of her team to put her in the right mood to shine. But once she gets going, she inflicts massive damage that allows her to cruise to victory! ūüėé
To master this ADC perfectly, you'll need to pay particular attention to its placement, learn to itemise Jinxwell and understand the strengths and weaknesses of its two weapons.

Recommended build for Jinx ADC: items, runes and skill order

Despite the exuberant personality of the Mad Trigger, it does not require a very atypical build. On the contrary, it focuses on the classic equipment of an ADC who needs attack, attack speed and some defensive stats to avoid being too exposed. While there are obviously alternative choices that adapt to different situations, its itemisation remains very simple.

Jinx ADC Wild Rift build recommended
A recommended build for maximum damage!

Which build for Jinx ADC Wild Rift?

  • Must-have items: we generally start with the triplet Infinity Blade (damage and critical hits), Fallen King's Blade (attack speed, damage and life theft) and Runaan Hurricane (attack speed). The latter has the advantage of applying effects on impact and facilitating the push of waves of minions.
  • Boots: Gluttonous leggings are mandatory and offer life steal which is always useful in the lane phase. The Mercury Belt enchantment purge is also a no-brainer.
  • Situational items: You can let your imagination run wild with the last two slots. It still seems difficult to do without theGuardian Angel and its bonus life. But you can also go for a Deadly Reminder (armour penetration), a Ghost Dancer (shield) or a Superfast Cannon (range bonus). To be honest, all AD items synergise well with Jinx.

Which runes for Jinx ADC Wild Rift?

  • Main Rune: Jinx often needs a little time to build up its power. The Legwork rune is very useful to give him some sustain and a better lane hold.
  • Secondary Runes: We can't do without the damage bonus of the Brutal rune. Then, we stick with Spirit Guardian and Mana Ribbon, which are a bit of a default choice but still prove useful. Not least because Jinx is a champion that can quickly become manavore, due to its rocket launcher.

Which skills should be improved first?

There can be a debate between Flip-Flap! and Zap! which both offer interesting damage statistics. But in general, the classic Flip-Flap! > Zap! > Firecrackers! These little traps can get you out of uncomfortable situations, but there's no real point in upgrading them quickly. Of course, don't forget to upgrade your ultimate skill as soon as possible!

How to make good use of the skills of Jinx in EDA?

EnthusiasmEnthusiasm! (passive)When Jinx deals lethal damage to an enemy champion or building, she gets all excited and gains a big bonus in speed and attack speed. A great way to get a steroid in a teamfight.
Machine gun: Jinx increases its attack speed on impact.
Rocket launcher: Jinx gets a range bonus, increases its damage and wounds enemies in the area. However, his attacks cost him mana.
Jinx fires a projectile after a brief delay in a straight line that injures and slows down the first enemy hit. Affects all types of opponents.
Fire startersFire starters !Allows you to set three traps in a row on the ground that injure and immobilise enemies who step on them. The traps are visible and make noise.
Super rocket of death
Super rocket of death! (ultimate)
A huge rocket with infinite range that inflicts heavy damage on targets that are very short of life.

While Flip-Flap may seem simple to use, you should think carefully when choosing your weapon. In general, you'll want to stay in machine gun form to save your mana and charge your attack speed. However, the rocket launcher form is useful for a variety of purposes: poke your opponent with the bonus range, finish a fleeing target with the extra damage or push your lane with the area damage. Zap! with its long range can also be used to poke, but be careful not to use it in the middle of a fight. The skill takes a while to kick in and Jinx becomes immobile for a short time while wasting precious time not attacking. It can also be used to check if a facetious enemy is hiding in a bush.

Jinx ADC Wild Rift: using its traps
Block the path of your enemies with your pyrotechnics!

Pyromancers can immobilise one or more enemies, but they are not easy to place. Because they are visible and noisy, opposing players are usually able to avoid them. On the other hand, they are perfect for cutting off your opponents or as a secondary crowd control to follow a CC rotation. Finally, the Super Death Rocket! is a finisher. Throw it only when you're hoping to scrape an elimination that seems out of reach.

With which champion should a good synergy be set up?

Lulu illustration Wild Rift: good synergy with Jinx

Jinx is an ADC that can quickly turn into an automatic turret, taking on the strengths and weaknesses of this infrastructure. It inflicts very heavy damage, but has only limited mobility... In this context, it is therefore better to associate it in the draft phase with supports that are capable of protecting it effectively. Lulu, Janna or Nami are all the more effective because these champions can reinforce the basic attacks of Jinx!

Counter from Jinx ADC Wild Rift: Who should we watch out for?

counter of Jinx Wild Rift: Olaf

The lane phase is a very dangerous phase for Jinx. While she has no mobility skills, she finds herself at the mercy of Blitzcrank players or ADCs with crowd controls such as Ashe and Varus. While they are not true counters, they will need to be wary and careful of their placement!

More generally, Jinx does not like to meet Olaf on its way. This jungler with a very bulldozer style will only make mincemeat of the shooter who has no means to slow him down.

Advanced tips and tricks for playing Jinx ADC Wild Rift

The passive of Jinx is not always easy to negotiate well. The bonus in speed and attack speed is consequent and it should ideally be activated as often as possible. In particular, it allows you to quickly reposition yourself, to flee or on the contrary to chase the enemy team. The problem is that if you make a mistake, you will be stuck on the ground like a snail. In this context, it can be smart to use Lightning Jump aggressively, to finish a kill and then move back. But be realistic and don't bite off more than you can chew. Greed is a nasty flaw that can lead to more than one unnecessary death.

Jinx ADC Wild Rift: launch of its ultimate skill
As you can see on the mini-map, the rocket crosses the entire map!

Finally, the ultimate skill of Jinx must travel for at least 1 second to inflict real damage. It should therefore be avoided at all costs in close combat. It only explodes on contact with enemy champions, but the area damage from the explosion affects everyone. It is therefore possible to steal a Dragon or a Nashor with it by targeting the enemy jungler !

This is the end of our guide Jinx ADC Wild Rift. You now have all the basics to shine in Ranked, all you need is a little practice. ūüôÉ
Check out all the other Wild Rift champion guides to learn all the tricks of your favorite heroes!

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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