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TFT Ranks: ranking system guide

TFT ranks guide

Are you tired of playing normal games and want to compete against the best players in the world? We tell you all about the ranking system and TFT ranks. Let's find out together how to earn reputation points, what all the ranks are and the percentage of players in each division.

TFT Ranking system

During your first ranked games, you will be given a provisional TFT rank. After 5 ranking games, your results will determine your starting rank.

In your games, you cannot meet players with a TFT rank too far away from yours. For example, a Platinum player can only meet Gold, Platinum or Diamond players, as shown in the table above.

Ranked games restrictions in Teamfight Tactics

At the end of each game, you will gain or lose a certain amount of LP based on your ranking. The top 4 players gain points and the bottom 4 lose points. However, the closer you are to the first or last place, the more LP you will receive.

When you reach 100 LP in a division, you move up to the next TFT rank. However, if you drop to zero points and lose, you are demoted to the next level.

TFT ranks list and player distribution

Now that we have seen how the ranking works, here is the TFT ranks list and the distribution of players in each division. There are a total of 27 divisions divided into 9 ranks:

RankIconPercentage of players
Iron IVIron Teamfight Tactics Icon0,01%
Iron IIIIron Teamfight Tactics Icon0,45%
Iron IIIron Teamfight Tactics Icon1,59%
Iron IIron Teamfight Tactics Icon1,91%
Bronze IVBronze Teamfight Tactics Icon3,49%
Bronze IIIBronze Teamfight Tactics Icon5,12%
Bronze IIBronze Teamfight Tactics Icon6,85%
Bronze IBronze Teamfight Tactics Icon7,2%
Silver IVTeamfight Tactics Silver Icon11,18%
Silver IIITeamfight Tactics Silver Icon10,87%
Silver IITeamfight Tactics Silver Icon10,22%
Silver ITeamfight Tactics Silver Icon7,19%
Gold IVIcon Gold Rank TFT10,7%
Gold IIIIcon Gold Rank TFT6,51%
Gold IIIcon Gold Rank TFT4,54%
Gold IIcon Gold Rank TFT2,36%
Platinum IVIcon Platinum Row TFT4,09%
Platinum IIIIcon Platinum Row TFT1,96%
Platinum IIIcon Platinum Row TFT1,21%
Platinum IIcon Platinum Row TFT0,56%
Diamond IVDiamond Icon Rank TFT1,01%
Diamond IIIDiamond Icon Rank TFT0,41%
Diamond IIDiamond Icon Rank TFT0,21%
Diamond IDiamond Icon Rank TFT0,09%
MasterIcon Master Rank TFT0,2%
GrandMasterGrand Master Rank TFT Icon0,04%
ChallengerChallenger Icon TFT Rank0,02%

As you can see in this table, less than 1% of players reach the Diamond III division while the TFT ranks Master or higher are occupied by the top 0.26% of players on the server. In fact, players from all over the world are spread over 11 servers according to their geographical area:

  • EUW: Western Europe
  • EUNE: Northern and Eastern Europe
  • NA: North America
  • JP: Japan
  • KR: South Korea
  • BR: Brazil
  • LAN: Northern Latin America
  • LAS: Southern Latin America
  • ECO: Oceania
  • TR: Turkey
  • UK: Russia

That's it for this guide on TFT ranks. You are now familiar with the ranking system in Teamfight Tactics. To help you progress, I invite you to consult our TFT meta guide, in which we explain everything about champions, comps, items and increases.

Alco A fan of video games, SF, comics, cinema and new technologies, he is a bit of a geek cliché, but he assumes it.

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