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Summoners War Arena - Rewards and how it works

pvp arena summoners war

TheSummoners War arena is an important part of a player's progression. It consists of various scenarios and is distinguished by its diversity.

PvP, a game mode in Summoners War

PvP is just as present as PvE in Summoners War. We find the SW arena but also other modes.

The arena in Summoners War

Summoners war is distinguished by several types of PvP possible:

Arena Guild fighting (GvG)
RTAOccupation Combat (GvO)
SWC (World Arena)

Of course, these different scenarios depend on your game type, even if the arena is available to everyone, there may be some differences between the simple arena and the RTA.

For guild PvP, you must be selected by your guild leader to participate in GvG and GvO. Single player PvP in Summoners War.

We advise you to play SW on PC because the PvP management of Summoners War is much more practical and cooler!

Arena mode in Summoners War

When playing Summoners War's single player PvP modes, you will have two main choices to make for fun: Thebasic arena or the RTA.

In this mode, you will have to fight against several players in order to earn points toobtain various rewards. The strategy is based solely on you and your monsters.

composition Summoners War arena

As you can see above, there are five tabs at the bottom right which have different uses:

DefenceHere you can place your defence to resist enemy assaults
JournalThis section is very complete and allows you to have all the modes available for the arena and the different rankings:

- Duel : this mode allows you to attack other players and take advantage of certain buffs.
- Rival : This mode allows you to fight against the different characters linked to the history of Summoners War.
- History : Here you will find the history of the attacks suffered on your defence.
- Ranking : This tab allows you to see the world ranking of the arena.
- League : This is a feature that has recently appeared and allows you to get extra points as a reward.
Info This tab is linked to the "Journal" tab.
ShopIn this tab, you can buy various rewards through scrolls, devilmons and buildings.

Additional elements of the Summoners War arena

It is important to know the different elements that make up the SW arena before engaging in merciless duels with other players!

Glory points

When you win a battle, you will earn a certain number of glory points according to your ranking (see table below).

The higher you are in the ranking, the more points you will earn!

Victory buffs

When you win several fights against other players who are on the same list, you will get buffs that give you certain advantages.

Be careful though because if you change your list or lose a fight, you lose your buffs!

Resetting the arena

Every Sunday, the arena resets at 10pm and you will not be able to attack for a period of time, so that the game can rank and distribute the rewards.

The arcane towers

These tricks don't seem very useful, but can be very interesting if you are in a long fight. They allow you to inflict damage on the attacker and you can get 10 of them.

What are the different ranks in the Summoners War arena?

Depending on your progress and strategy, you may or may not be able to move up the various ranks in the Summoners War arena.

Be careful not to overestimate your team, as some enemy teams are very powerful!

VisualGradeNumber of points required Ranking Rewards
beginner arena sw Beginner 0 points5 crystals
challenger I arena sw Challenger I 950 points10 crystals
Challenger II sw arena Challenger II 1000 points20 crystals
Challenger III sw arena Challenger III 1050 points 30 crystals
Fighter I sw arena Combatant I1100 points 50 crystals
Fighter II sw arena Combatant II 1200 points75 crystals
Fighter III sw arenaCombatant III1300 points 100 crystals
Conqueror I sw arena Conqueror I 1400 points 10.000A 2-star L&D monster
150 crystals
Conqueror II sw arena Conqueror II 1400 points 3000A 2-star L&D monster
200 crystals
Conqueror III sw arena Conqueror III1400 points1000A 2-star L&D monster
250 crystals
Keeper I sw arena Guardian I 1600 points 300 A 3 star L&D monster
300 crystals
Guardian II sw arena Guardian II 1600 points 100A 3-star L&D monster
400 crystals
Guardian III sw arena Guardian III 1600 points 30A three star L&D monster
500 crystals
Legend sw arena Legend 1600 points 1A 4-star L&D monster
750 crystals

Of course, to reach the last rank "Legend", you will have to apply different strategies and know your monsters well (and run them well of course).

The different league rankings in the arena

The league has recently been introduced and allows you to get extra points every week.

Rank 1 150
Rank 2 120
Rank 3 100
Rank 4 - Rank 10 80
Rank 11 - Rank 30 70
Rank 31 - Rank 5060
Rank 51 - Rank 10050

Attack and defence in the arena of Summoners War

As for PvE, the principle remains the same, but the strategy is different.

The Summoners War arena attack

You will have to create your team and adapt it to the enemy team by using monsters capable of annihilating them without too much trouble. Remember to play on the weaknesses and strengths of your attributes but also on the speed and control of your monsters!

Each attack costs one wing, so apply the right strategy to climb up the leaderboard and get some great rewards !

The defence allows you to use an important team capable of countering certain enemy attacks and thus keep your rank.

The arena defence

Be careful with your monster leader, who can change depending on your chosen team and the one opposite!

And now that you know more about the Summoners War arena, don't forget to check out our tier list of the best SW monsters for PvP!


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