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Sea of Conquest ship-hero formations: the best comps

Sea of Conquest ship-hero formations

In Sea of Conquest: Pirate War you take command of a ship and set off on an ocean adventure. But it's not all exploration. During your journey, you'll often be attacked by other ships or even sea monsters. To overcome all these obstacles, most people think it's enough to have a team with powerful heroes. Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple. It's also very important to have good Sea of Conquest ship-hero formations. As well as consulting our Sea of Conquest beginner's guide, we invite you to discover our best training courses.

The importance of good Sea of Conquest ship-hero formations

In Sea of Conquest, heroes and ships are very important. However, the game's main quest quickly ramps up in difficulty and you can't just put your most powerful heroes in your teams. It's true that at the start you'll have a pleasant feeling of power, but as you progress, you'll find it very hard to move forward.

In this game, the most important thing is to set up coherent Sea of Conquest ship-hero formations. But before you discover our ideas for composing, you need to understand how they can be useful to you. If you're familiar with the game, you'll know that you have a main ship (flagship) and several other ships.

Sea of Conquest hero ship formations

If you want to progress more easily in Sea of Conquest, we recommend that you make your flagship as resilient as possible. That way, it will attract all the enemies and be better able to resist them. As for your other ships, you need to maximise damage by taking advantage of their specialities. For example, a ship capable of launching several missiles at once will be better suited to dealing with teams made up of several enemies.

Now that you've understood why Sea of Conquest hero ship formations are important, check out our top suggestions for Sea of Conquest hero ship formations:

The best of the Sea of Conquest hero ship formations for a flagship

Of all the Sea of Conquest ship-hero formations ideal for your flagship, this one is certainly the most effective, as it offers great resistance to your ship. Here, the Captain is old Ahab for his great resistance.

Recommended heroes Capabilities

old ahab icon

Old Ahab

This is the perfect Captain for your flagship. He has an excellent shield and therefore great resistance.

icone cordelia


Cordelia is very interesting, as she has the ability to heal the flagship and the other ships in your fleet.

icone magnus


Magnus is a very good, tough Gunner.

The best formation for an artillery ship

The Sea of Conquest ship-hero formations allow you to inflict damage on several targets fairly quickly. Ophélie is the Captain of this formation, as she can attack several enemies at once.

Recommended heroes Capabilities

icone ophélie


Ophelia is the Captain of this ship. She can inflict powerful damage on several targets.

icone chizuru


With her excellent synergy and very interesting skills, Chizuru is perfect for this composition.

icon oscar


With Oscar in the role of Gunner, Ophelia and Chizuru's damage output is considerably increased.

The best Sea of Conquest ship-hero formations for a ferocious ship

This formation inflicts explosive damage. It's ideal against sea monsters or powerful, resistant ships. Bones' fast damage allows him to be the Captain of this compo.

Recommended heroes Capabilities

icone bones


Bones is the Captain of this formation, as he can inflict powerful quick damage.

icon onimusha


We've chosen Onimusha as second-in-command, as the damage he inflicts is considerable.

icone luna


Luna is the Gunner here. She can inflict very heavy damage on a single target.

The best Sea of Conquest ship-hero formation for a drowning ship

This formation is based on drowning damage. It allows you to inflict damage over the long term. Barnacle is certainly the best choice of Captain for inflicting drowning damage.

Recommended heroes Abilities

icone barnacle


Barnacle is the perfect Captain for this formation. He can act in perfect harmony with the other two heroes in this compo and inflicts drowning damage.

icone eileen


Eileen is a very good character. She too inflicts drowning damage, but has the ability to hit several enemies at once.

icone adeline


As a Gunner, we chose Adeline because she can increase the drowning damage inflicted by her team-mates.

The ideal Sea of Conquest hero-ship formation for a fiery ship

The Fiery Ship formation allows you to deal fire damage. It's the perfect combo against sea monsters or enemies with a solid shield. Lester is an excellent Captain who can burn several enemies at once.

Recommended heroes Abilities

weight icon


For a Captain, Lester plays his role perfectly. The damage he inflicts causes several enemies to burn.

icone tanaka


Tanaka is a very good second in command, capable of supporting Lester and taking advantage of the burning effect he causes.

icone ned


When Ned plays the role of Gunner, he inflicts very heavy damage on enemies right in front of him.

The best Sea of Conquest formation for a strategic ship

This is one of the most balanced Sea of Conquest ship-hero formations. It inflicts strategic damage. It's not the most powerful formation, but it's very effective. For your strategic ship, Griffin is the ideal choice as Captain.

Recommended heroes Capabilities

icone griffin


To inflict maximum strategic damage, Griffin is the ideal Captain.

boa icon


When placed as second-in-command alongside Griffin, Boa inflicts powerful strategic damage.

icone molly


Molly is considered one of the best Gunners in the game.

Throughout this article, you've been able to discover the best Sea of Conquest ship-hero formations. All that's left now is for you to put all these strategies in place so that you can advance in the game's main quest. And don't forget to check out our list of Sea of Conquest codes for regular free rewards!

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