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Sea of Conquest Beginner's Guide | Tips and Tricks

Sea of Conquest Beginner's Guide

To get started with Sea of Conquest easily, it's important to understand all the game's mechanics. With this Sea of Conquest beginner's guide, you can easily recruit the best pirates, find the greatest treasures and win every battle. Take advantage of the relevant advice and easy-to-understand tips to get your adventure off to a good start.

Sea of Conquest Beginner's Guide: the basics of the game

If you're new to Sea of Conquest: Pirate War, you'll have noticed that there are two completely different types of combat in the game. Battles on land are not conducted in the same way as battles at sea. Here's a Sea of Conquest beginner's guide to find out more!

Tips for land battles

Battles on land are similar to turn-based RPGs. However, you don't have direct control over your characters. They attack directly themselves. At times, however, you may decide to launch a special attack to inflict heavy damage or provide buffs for your team.

In this Sea of Conquest beginner's guide, we recommend that you choose the right team members to take part in land battles. Choose the right heroes for the situation, to make sure you win the battles. To do this, you'll need our tier list of the best Sea of Conquest characters!

Sea of Conquest beginner's guide : combat

Sea of Conquest beginner's guide to sea battles

Getting off to a good start in Sea of Conquest also means mastering sea battles, of which there are many. Here, the principle is to equip your ship with cannons, guns and various other weapons to inflict maximum damage on the opposing ship.

At sea, during battles, the two boats face each other and the battle begins. The aim is to get your opponent's HP down to zero in order to take his booty. Until you reach level 5, you won't be attacked by other ships. This gives you time to climb a few levels (we'll see how in the rest of this Sea of Conquest beginner's guide) and optimise your resources, your crew and your ship. However, we still recommend that you save as many resources as possible and wait until you get a new ship to upgrade it.

By the way, if you want to benefit from free resources, don't hesitate to consult our list of Sea of Conquest codes. It's updated daily and gives you the chance to unlock in-game rewards. Let's continue our Sea of Conquest beginner's guide to get you started!

For a more user-friendly interface, check out our article on playing Sea of Conquest on your PC.

Don't neglect exploration when starting Sea of Conquest

To progress in the main story and in the side activities of Sea of Conquest, you mustn't neglect exploration, whether at sea or on land. As you explore the map, you'll discover places teeming with resources, ships you can loot and opponents of varying degrees of difficulty. Exploration is a great way to quickly gain XP and find resources to improve your skills.

As you explore, you can use your compass to scan the surrounding area. These scans can be used to unlock ports where you'll find NPCs who can give you quests, as well as shops where you can trade.

Getting started in Sea of Conquest: our tips for levelling up efficiently

In our Sea of Conquest beginner's guide, we couldn't fail to mention tips on how to level up effectively. In this game, there are three elements to improve: account level, hero level and upgrading your ship.

Account level

The account level, or adventurer level, is certainly the easiest to increase. To improve it, you simply need to complete tasks such as attacking sea monsters, looting ships or upgrading your ship. The account level is very important, as increasing it unlocks new missions and new chapters in the main story.

Sea of Conquest beginner's guide : account level

Hero levels in Sea of Conquest

Levelling up your heroes is the most time-consuming part of the game. To upgrade your characters, you'll need skill books. These can be found in small quantities when you complete certain quests and missions. They can also be found during exploration. That said, in this Sea of Conquest beginner's guide we advise you not to spend all your skill books from the start, as the first characters are not necessarily the best. Wait a while to make sure you're upgrading the right heroes.

Sea of Conquest guide hero level

Upgrading the boat

Upgrading your boat is quite exhilarating. Specifically, during your adventure, you'll recruit crew members who you'll have to assign to your ship. Each crew member has his or her own specific characteristics and will therefore be better suited to a particular task. So make sure you assign each crew member to the right place on your ship.

Upgrading your ship takes the form of building rooms. Each room is important, as it will give you bonuses, extra features and much more. Among the rooms you can build on your ship are the armoury, the henhouse, the stable, the refectory and the galley.

Sea of Conquest ship level guide

The sailors who work on your boat need supplies. When you run out, you can replenish your supplies by going to a port or preparing meals in your ship's galley, provided you have the required ingredients.

As you progress, you'll be able to build a number of rooms on your ship. However, at the start, we recommend that you focus on certain rooms first:

  • The kitchen, the stable and the henhouse will allow you to prepare dishes and obtain ingredients in order to benefit from certain very useful boosts.

  • The refectory is a good place to sell your food for gold.

  • The distillery, where you can make drinks.

  • The infirmary, , where you can treat your troops.

  • The astronomer's room. Note that this room takes up a lot of space on the ship.

Sea of Conquest beginner's guide: the trading system

In Sea of Conquest: Pirate War, if you want to get gold quickly, you have to trade. The further you progress in the story and explore the oceans, the more ports you'll unlock. There, you'll find various merchants with whom you can trade.

sea of conquest commerce beginner's guide

Trading is an important part of Sea of Conquest, as it's a great way to earn lots of gold. At these merchants, you can sell all the loot you've accumulated during your adventure. Check out the various merchants, as some of them will take back your booty at a better price.

What would a pirate be without treasure hunting?

As a pirate, you can't just explore the seas and attack ships. Treasure hunting is an essential part of a pirate's life. Our tips on treasure hunting are relatively simple. In the tasks tab, select the 'Treasure clues' option. This is where all the treasure maps you've found are displayed.

Sea of Conquest: treasure map

Click on one of the maps and choose 'Go' to automatically take your boat there. When you get close to the location indicated on the map, use your golden compass to reveal a ship containing your reward.

Artifacts for starting Sea of Conquest

As you progress through the story, you'll unlock a number of artefacts that we recommend you use. They provide some very interesting new features. The very first Artifact you unlock is the golden compass. It's thanks to this item that you'll be able to find the loot on the treasure maps. You can use it 20 times a day.

The second Artifact you'll unlock is the horn of the storm, which increases navigation speed by 1000% for 20 seconds. This artefact takes 20 minutes to recharge. The sea spirit glass is the third unlockable artifact, and it's a pretty important one, as it gives you one free invocation conch per day.

Sea of Conquest beginner's guide : Artefacts

TheEye of the Sea teleports you to a member of your guild or to a selected territory. You have 5 uses, which are restored once every 5 hours. Three other artefacts can be discovered as you progress through the main quest.

Sea of Conquest beginner's guide: joining a guild

You might be tempted to sail the oceans alone, like an old sea dog. However, if you join a guild or create one, you'll enjoy a host of benefits. You can help out guild members and vice versa. What's more, you can offer and receive resources as rewards.

guilds in Sea of Conquest beginner's guide

You can earn crew seals on missions. This currency can be used in the guild shop. Finally, there are also a number of events where you can obtain loot. To get off to a good start in Sea of Conquest, we recommend that you join a guild as soon as possible.

Sea of Conquest beginner's guide: understanding the conch system

Once you've unlocked the corresponding Artifact (the sea spirit glass), you'll have access to a special shop where you can use conches to summon characters. With the Artifact, you can do one free invocation a day. Of course, as the game progresses, you'll earn more conches to make even more draws.

As with most free-to-play games with a similar draw system, the shop is regularly updated to offer characters for a limited time. At any time, as soon as you have a conch, you can make a draw. However, we recommend that you wait until you have 10 conchs to make bigger draws and increase your chances of getting better heroes.

The conch system in Sea of Conquest

If you summon a hero you already own, it is converted into resources to improve the level of the character in question. In other words, you never lose out by making invocations. To get started in Sea of Conquest, you need to draw regularly to build up a good team.

In this Sea of Conquest beginner's guide, to get off to a good start, we suggest that you do as many draws as possible, so that you get several characters. In fact, at the beginning, it's better to have several heroes than to maximise one in particular. That way, depending on their skills, you'll have more possibilities in battle.

Fill up on rewards through trials

Once you've progressed far enough in the story, you'll unlock the trials. These are challenges where you have to defeat enemies. At the moment, there are a total of 15 trial chapters, so there's plenty to keep you busy! For each challenge, you can unlock various rewards, such as emeralds and construction acceleration boosts. To win all the rewards, you need to meet certain objectives (no deaths in the team, finish in 5 rounds).

Sea of Conquest beginner's guide : challenges

If you want some good advice on how to get started with Sea of Conquest, don't hesitate to look at the challenges, as they are an effective way of accumulating resources.

Additional tips for getting started with Sea of Conquest

In this game, you always have to keep an eye on your supplies and the morale of your crew. As you travel, you'll be using provisions that you absolutely must replenish when you run out, as this affects morale. If your crew's morale is low, it will affect the ship's efficiency and speed as follows:

  • Morale between 80 and 100: 100% efficiency and speed

  • Morale between 60 and 79: efficiency and speed 80

  • Morale between 0 and 59 : efficiency and speed 60%.

If morale reaches zero, your crew can flee the ship!

We hope that this Sea of Conquest beginner's guide will make your first steps in the game easier. So don't wait any longer, download the game and show us who's the real pirate! Our advice will help you get off to a good start in Sea of Conquest.

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