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Pokémon Unite Item Tier List | The best Held Items

Tier List Objects Held Pokémon Unite

This is our Pokémon Unite item tier list. We give you advice on how to choose the right Held Items before entering the arena in order to crush your opponents or come out of a tough fight alive! As with many MOBA games, upgrading and optimizing your stuff makes a big difference. The same goes for Pokémon Unite!

How to get an item in Pokémon Unite

You can carry up to three items on a Pokémon during a match. Some of these items are unlocked as you progress as a young trainer. But you can find all the items from Pokémon Unite in the Aeos Emporium and can be purchased with Aeos Tickets. Each item can be upgraded to level 30 with item enchancers and receive a statistical upgrade.

Get Pokémon Unite Held Items

Which item to pick for your Pokémon

During the selection phase of Pokémon, it is interesting toadapt your choices and your Held Items to your team.

Whether you're solo Q or in a coordinated team, Pokémon ranged auto-attack or skill-based will benefit more from offensive bonuses. As for Pokémon Tank or Support, helping them with defensive or survivability items will allow you to give your allies the most benefit from your utility skills.

Choose Items in Pokémon Unite

Feel free to go to the spectator mode to watch games of some of the best players of Pokémon Unite to copy the Held Items they use!

Tier List of the best Held Items in Pokémon Unite

We have tested the best Held Items in Pokémon Unite for you. Here is our tier list which will allow you to have a strategic base to optimize your Pokémon before entering the arena.

Tier List updated in December 2021.

Tier S: The best items to choose for your Pokémon

Currently, these items stand above the rest. They can be used by all types of Pokémon and offer you a significant survivability in battle. If you are new to the game, try to get these items first.

Item Emergency Barrier
Buddy Barrier
Grants your Pokémon and an ally a shield when using your unit ability. It's no secret that the Buddy Barrier is one of the best items in the game. It can make the difference in critical battles and is triggered when you need it most. Effective on all types of Pokémon, it is a must have!
Headband item
Focus Band
When the caster's HP is low, it grants HP regeneration for 3 seconds. The Focus Band will boost a falling health bar for a boost of courage in battle. Use as a panic button when your HP is excessively low. This is one of the best items in the game.

Tier A: A good second choice to have on Pokémon Unite

Let's continue the tier list of the best items on Pokémon Unite. The items in this list are still excellent choices. The key is to make sure you use the right items for your purposes and Pokémon.

Item Protec Score
Score Shield
Grants the wearer a shield when he scores. If the wearer does not take more damage than the shield, the action is not interrupted.Very good item in lane phase, Solo Q and late game. Fits well with Pokémon defenders and really changes the gameplay. Scoring can be difficult when the team is behind. Therefore, the Score Shield allows you to get back on track safely.
Item Muscle headband
Muscle Band
Increases attack and attack speed.The bonus given by the Muscle Band on each auto attack is worth it! This item proves more effective on Pokémon attacking from a distance, almost indispensable.

Tier B: Situational items, valid in specific cases

These items are, for the most part, slightly lower in stats than the previous tiers. Nevertheless, when used on certain specific Pokémon , they can be useful...

Item Wise Glasses
Wise Glasses
Increased special attack.
The Wise Glasses are still quite effective on Pokémon with powerful special attacks, for example on Sylveon or Gardevoir. However, compared to the Focus Band, they do not allow you to stay alive...
Item Razor Claw
Razor Claw
After using a skill, increases the damage of the next basic attack.The Razor Claw is a fairly new item that works very well on Pokémon melee like Cinderace, Talonflame, Lucario or Greninja.
Item Lentilscope
Scope Lens
Increases the critical hit rate.You can really take advantage of the bonus given by the Scope Lens on the Pokémon critical damage: Charizard, Absol, Greninja, Cinderace.
Item Dumbbells
Attack Weight
Increases the attack after successful scoring.Overall, the Dumbbell of Strength is one of the good items that can make a difference. It is above all to use it on the Pokémon which shine in the lane phase and often score: Lucario Talonflame , Greedent.
Item Glasses Choice
Choice Specs
Increases the damage of abilities when they hit a target.The Choice Specs can be useful on Pokémon that have good base stats but not much evolution. Also addsflat attack, which benefits Pokémon who run out of steam during the game but retain high special attack damage.
Item Energy Megaphone
Energy Amplifier
Increases damage once the unit ability is used (90 second recovery).Only certain Pokémon can benefit from the Energy Amplifier. The damage and movement speed bonus granted by the item remains rather low. However, it can still be used on Pikachu or Gardevoir.

Tier C: Items to avoid in Pokémon Unite

Tier C items are generally not very viable. If you want to progress quickly on Pokémon Unite, it would be best to focus on using the higher tier items in order to choose the right item for your Pokémon.

Item Aeos Cookie
Aeos Cookie
Increases the caster's HP when he successfully scores.Like most stack items in the game, the Aeos Cookie can be accumulated up to 6 times.

In practice, it is quite difficult to sacrifice a space for this item. Indeed, the only bonus granted is an increase in flat HP. Compared to the other items, this is a bit of a stretch.
Item Combat Jacket
Assault Vest
Grants a shield and increases HP if the wearer is not in combat for 8 seconds and negates damage (up to 15%) from special attacks while the shield is active.)The Combat Jacket has one major flaw: you have to wait 8 seconds before the item is triggered.
However, it is important to note that the more HP the Pokémon has, the more interesting it can be.
Item Grelot Hull
Shell Bell
When the caster succeeds in an attack, he regenerates HP (10 seconds recovery).For the Grelot Coque, its recharge time is very long. Indeed, it is very rare to stay in a fight that long. Moreover, the item is triggered even if you don't lack HP.
Item Multi Exp
Exp. Share
The bearer will benefit from an experience bonus (more consequent if he is late).When used properly in coordinated teams, the Exp. Share can be useful. However, in SoloQ, your allies will not be able to use the item to its full potential.
Item Assault Glasses
Sp. Atk Specs
Gives an attack bonus after scoring.To fully benefit from the bonus of the Assault Goggles, you must be able to stack the item quickly enough. If you master its use, why not on Mr. Mime, Gengar or Gardevoir.
Vulnerable Insurance Item
Weakness Policy
The more damage the Pokémon suffers, the more its attack increases (stackable up to 6 times).The Weakness Policy also has a problem: the stacks go away too fast. Maybe an update will bring it up in the damage boosting items ranking. In the meantime, skip it.

Tier D: The weakest Held Items

Let's finish this tier list of objects on Pokémon Unite with this last Tier. The items in this tier are not or not very viable. You will have to be patient and wait for some updates to be able to port them in an optimal way.

Item Float Stone
Float Stone
Increases movement speed after 8 seconds without taking damage.Like some of the items listed above, the recovery time of Float Stone is too long. The movement speed is still important, but with the jungle and the use of the TP, it is rare to stay so long without doing anything.
Item Remains
If the wearer has not suffered any damage for 8 seconds, it grants HP regeneration.To use the Leftovers item, you must successfully stay out of combat long enough to trigger its effect. However, the bonus HP flat granted can be useful for beginners.
Item Raw Helmet
Rocky Helmet
Once per battle, inflicts damage to nearby enemies based on the wearer's remaining HP.The bonus of HP given by the Rocky Helmet is rather weak. Moreover, it only triggers once per battle, without being able to control when exactly.

And that's it, this tier list on the best Items in Pokémon Unite is coming to an end. Of course, you'll have to adapt the items according to their use cases and the Pokémon you play. Don't hesitate to share your own tips in the comments!

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