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Guide to Dragonite Pokémon Unite: Objects, Builds and How to Play

Pokémon Unite Dragonite Guide and Tips on how to play it

Here is our guide to Dragonite on Pokémon Unite! A Pokémon invited to join the arena since the winter festivities. We'll explain how to unlock it, what items to equip it with and which build to choose. Become a Minidraco trainer, Dragonair and Dragonite with all the tips and tricks you need to take down your enemies.

How to unlock Dragonite in Pokémon Unite?

The 28th Pokémon has been available since 20 December 2021 in the arena. It was possible to collect it by completing a mission called "Total Score Challenge" in the event calendar.

Winter festivities calendar Pokémon Unite
Calendar of winter festivities

Once completed, it offers you :

  • 500 Aeos Tickets
  • 20 Item Enhancer
  • a temporary permit from Dragonite for 3 days

You have the opportunity to test Pokémon for free!

Mission to unlock Dragonite in Pokémon Unite

Second possibility, buy the permit from Dragonite Unite Battle Committee (shop).

Buy the Unit permit Dragonite

Dragonite's skills

For a detailed overview of all the competences of Dragonite and their effects, we refer you directly to the documentation.

However, we do have a few comments that may be of interest to you.

Like its predecessor Tsareenait is an all-purpose type Pokémon . Looking at the stats of Pokémon, we can see that it is quite similar to Machamp. That is to say, it has a lot of power and is fairly constant in the other statistics. So we are looking at a unit that will hit hard!

Statistics and type of Dragonite

Its gameplay has a few subtleties, however, which will satisfy both beginners and experienced players.

Indeed, with each evolution, Dragonite will develop, due to its dragon constitution, elementary skills on its reinforced automatic attacks. Thus, a rotation is set up. Remember this: the rotation always happens in the same order: water - electricity - fire.

When your enhanced attack gauge is full, you trigger an effect depending on the active element. This is manifested by a change in the colour of the gauge.

  • Water: Gives you back your health points.
  • Electric: Causes a slight stun on the target.
  • Fire: You receive extra damage on your next attack.
Rotation of reinforced attacks from Dragonite.
Empowered Attack Rotation

A little tip for playing this Pokémon : activate the reinforced attacks gauge in the settings, we have made a little guide about it.

In which order should you unlock skills on Dragonite?

Overall, you have a choice. Two builds are possible depending on your preferences. You can develop a more distant gameplay with Hyper Beam or on the contrary, seek contact with Outrage. For our part, we slightly prefer the Outrage build, which goes wonderfully well with the ultimate Draco Impact. Indeed, the latter allows you to project yourself directly into the fray since Outrage makes you stronger and more resistant. It's time to go on a rampage!

Here is our Skill Order guide for Dragonite in Pokémon Unite (Outrage Build):

competence Dragon Breath of Dragonite

Level 1 - Dragon Breath Unlike Hurricane (second choice), this skill allows you to unleash a reinforced attack after using the skill.

Dragonite's Dragon Dance Skill

Level 5 - Dragon Dance: This skill works in a similar way to the reinforced attack, but with a rotation system. Your skill allows you to move forward to the left, then right, then forward in the same order.

Dragonite's Outrage Skill

Level 8 - Outrage: As stated above, you may as well go for a more distant gameplay with Hyper Beam which does a lot of damage. However, Outrage, in addition to being very strong and strengthening your Pokémon, combines perfectly with the ultimate skill of Dragonite. This skill also goes very well with the Multiscale passive which strengthens your Pokémon over a short period of time.

What are the best items for Dragonite in Pokémon Unite?

Concerning the best held items for Dragonite of Pokémon Unite, we advise you to choose those which will offer you a little more resistance and/or damage boost. This build will be more adapted to an Outrage gameplay (melee) but is still valid even if you play with Hyper Beam (distance).

Objects heldAdvice
Item Buddy Barrier Pokémon Unite
Buddy Barrier
It is well known that this item can change the outcome of a teamfight and save your life.
Focus Band Item in Pokémon Unite
Focus Band
The headband will also give you a bit of extra strength in case of emergency.
Muscle Band Item Pokémon Unite
Muscle Band
To increase your damage.
Energy Amplifier Item Pokémon Unite
Energy Amplifier
You can also opt for this item which will allow you to boost your attacks after using a skill.
X-Attack combat object

To accompany these items, we recommend the X-Attack combat item, again with the aim of increasing your damage and really bursting over a short period of time. If you're looking for more information on the subject, take a look at our Tier List items Pokémon Unite. There you will find the best items for the different match situations and the Pokémon you play.

Skill chaining tips and gameplay guide

At the beginning of the game, the Pokémon dragon is quite weak. If you are not yet familiar with this unit, don't hesitate to go to the lane to help yourself to the support of an ally until you evolve into a Dragonite.

Dragon Dance is very innovative in the way it moves your Pokémon. You can throw the skill often and, with enough skill, you can almost circle your target. Play with this skill to throw your opponent off balance with different placements regularly.

Overview of Dragonite's Dragon Dance Skill

Also note that the recovery time for Draco Impact depends on how far away you throw it. The further you throw it, the longer you have to wait. On the other hand, using it close enough to your current position almost fills the gauge by half!

Use Draco Impact to throw yourself into the middle of a fight. You can then take advantage of the landing to throw the enemies in the air. Follow up with X-Attack and Outrage for maximum damage. Finally, play with Dragon Breath and Dragon Dance to continue hurting your opponents.

Overview of the Draco Impact skill of Dragonite

If you have trouble getting into the fray or your team has a lot of Pokémon hand-to-hand combat, opt for the distance build.

Be careful though, your Pokémon has a very high engagement capacity to join or initiate a fight. On the other hand, it will be very difficult to escape before the end!

You will have understood it in this guide of Dragonite on Pokémon Unite, the strength of Pokémon lies in its capacity to resist while inflicting big damages with reduced recovery times. This is why we advise you to start with this build more body to body Outrage than with Hyper Beam at distance. Think of adapting your build according to your allies and your parts! Your ultimate allows you to turn over the outcome of a fight by surprising your opponents with theDraco Impact.

We hope we've inspired you to play with this new Unit! It promises innovative gameplay in the arena and we're excited to see this iconic Pokémon join the game. Share your thoughts or tips in the comments!

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