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Merge Magic! Challenge 5 | Guide Path Forest

Challenge 5 Merge Magic

Your magic garden won't bloom by itself, each new creature will increase the pace of your progress. For this reason, the challenge levels in Merge Magic are particularly important... as they allow you to directly increase your numbers. The Merge Magic 5 challenge has a lot of Cursed Earth and is not so easy to solve. However, there's no need to panic. By following our step-by-step guide, you should get through it without breaking a sweat and with a margin on the timer 😉

Challenge 5 Merge Magic, level map
Black cat, scaffolding, broken mirror... This challenge level has received its share of curses.

General information about the 5 Merge Magic! challenge

  • Level number: 30.
  • Game cost: 3 compasses.
  • Chest: Silver.
  • Time limit: 2min42, 1min52, 1min09.
  • Main objective : to create a mythical Idol.
  • Secondary objectives: hatch 2 creatures, activate 10 Blessings, merge 11 items on cursed earth.
Minotaur creature reward challenge 5 Merge Magic!
The key to this level of challenge? A small minotaur.

The steps of the 5 Merge Magic!

In this level, which lacks life, you will have to redouble your imagination to revitalise the cursed spaces. The aim is twofold: to collect as many items as possible, but also to gain space to manoeuvre. In your quest, you will be able to rely on the Blessings offered by the green crosses, but you will also have to resort to special mergers. Indeed, a successful fusion with an element present on a cursed earth allows you to heal the location.

💡 Small warning for players who aim directly for the secondary objectives. The Blessings activate themselves after a while, which helps the airheads. However, the automatic activation does not count towards the completion of theoptional objective... So remember to click on the green crosses!

Step 1: Prepare your fruit crop

  • Take the 2 Eggs of Sayr available at the start and merge them with the one on the Cursed Earth just above.
  • Activate the first unlocked Zone Blesser.
  • With the Rocky Undergrowth obtained, perform a merge with the two that are present on the Super Cursed Land, down the island.
  • You should be able to activate 3 more Zone Blessers.
  • Merge the 3 Fruit Tree Seeds to obtain a Fruit Tree Bud.
  • With the 3 buds, create a fruit tree.
  • 3 new Blessers are available, activate them.
  • With the Blessed Germ available at the top of the island, merge with those on the Super Cursed Earth to create a Blessed Flower.
  • Merge the 2 available fruit bushes with the one at the top of the map. You will then get a Young Fruit Bush.
  • Activate the new available zone blesser.
  • Merge the 3 Young Fruit Bushes to obtain a Large Fruit Bush.

Step 2: Unlocking the first idol

  • Click on the Big Bush to collect a Fruit. Use it to merge with the other 2 fruits located on the Super Cursed Land in the centre left of the island.
  • A new Zone Blesser should allow you to unlock a broken Mythical Idol.
  • Merge 5 Blessed Flowers to get 2 Blessed Buds. Be careful not to miss your fusion of 5!
  • Merge the 2 blessed buds with the one available on the Super Cursed Land in the central part of the island.
  • Activate the unlocked Zone Blesser.
Enable green crosses on Merge Magic!
Remember to activate these green crosses to quickly progress through this 5 Merge Magic challenge level.

Stage 3: the home stretch

  • Take the Undergrowth Swamp Flower to merge with the other two flowers on the Super Cursed Land at the top left of the map.
  • A new Zone Blesser should give you access to a new broken Mythical Idol.
  • Now that you have 2 Idols available, all you have to do is merge them with the one still stuck on the Super Cursed Earth to finish the level and get the rewards !

By following this step-by-step 5 Merge Magic challenge guide, this challenge level shouldn't last long. All you have to do is work on your speed and wrist flexibility to beat the three timers. Good luck to you all! 💪
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