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Merge Magic Challenge 16 | Mystic Shrine Guide

Merge Magic Challenge 16

Need a hand building and harvesting your Magic Garden? The challenge levels Merge Magic are there to obtain precious rewards and increase the number of your workers. However, don't be too quick to claim victory! Get ready to beat the timer and the various obstacles that will be put in front of you. It's not uncommon to get stuck on the Merge Magic Challenge 16 level. It requires a series of manoeuvres to be performed in a very precise order. One mistake, and you'll just have to start again... To avoid spending too many compasses unnecessarily, follow our guide to Merge Magic Challenge 16 😉

General information about the 16 Merge Magic! challenge

Merge Magic Challenge 16 card
  • Level number: 109.
  • Game cost: 3 compasses.
  • Chest: Gold.
  • Time limit: 20 min, 15 min, 8min45.
  • Main objective : to create a Greater Mythical Idol.
  • Secondary objectives: remove 12 curses per merge, merge 5 Blessing Orbs at once and open a level 4 chest.

The stages of the 16 Merge Magic!

Before starting this Merge Magic Challenge 16 level, we recommend that you take a deep breath. The times to complete the challenge are rather long. However, you must follow the steps meticulously and above all not make any wrong moves. Every mistake can be fatal and ruin all your efforts. Don't be too scared by the massive presence of Cursed LandDo not be too frightened by the massive presence of, since with the help of your mergers the land will be quickly revitalised.

As time is not particularly demanding for this challenge to be successful, feel free to open this guide and continually check the process.

Step 1: Go through the employment office

  • Merge the 5 Faint spirit rocks available at the beginning of the level.
  • With the Soul mana rock available, perform a fusion with the 2 others located on the left side of the island on the Super Cursed Land. You will then obtain an Arcane lifestone.
  • Repeat with another Soul mana rock, this time merging to the right of the island to get another Arcane lifestone.
  • You will then be able to merge your 2 Arcane lifestones with another one present on the Super Cursed Earth on the left of the island.
  • With this fusion, an Area Blesser becomes available which will give you access to a Fruit bush shrub.
  • At the top left of the island, 2 Fruit bush shrubs are waiting for you on super cursed earth, perform a fusion with the one you just got.
  • The Zone Blesser won will give you access to a Wise floating rock.
  • This must then be merged with the 2 Wise floating rocks in the top centre of the map.
  • This time, a Zone Blesser will make a new Soul mana rock available.
  • Use it to perform a fusion with 2 other Soul mana rocks placed in the middle of the map on super cursed earth.
  • You can then merge 5 with the Pecats eggs (2 free eggs and 3 eggs on cursed earth) to get 2 magical creatures ready to work.
  • Then get a third worker with a fusion of 3 Dyr eggs.
  • Finally, merge the 3 Minotaur Eggs to complete your team.
Minotaur creation chain in the 16 Merge Magic challenge

Step 2: Destroy before you build

  • Have your creatures attack theEvil statue.
  • Merge 3 Blessed saplings.
  • Collect 2 Little blessing orbs from the Young blessed tree using your creatures. Merge them with one of the little orbs placed on the Super Cursed Earth at the bottom of the island.
  • Merge the 2 Young blessed trees available with the one on the super cursed earth at the bottom left of the map.
  • Command your creatures to destroy a new statue.
  • Collect 3 Young blessing orbs from the Ruby blessed tree to make a fusion of 5 with 2 other small orbs available.
  • Then perform a fusion of 3 with the two Blessing orbs obtained and the one placed on the super-cursed Earth above.
  • Then ask your creatures to destroy the new Evil status available.
Merge Magic challenge

Stage 3: Restoration of the statues

  • After making sure that all Zone Blessers have been activated, trigger the Great Blessing Orb which is located behind the Druid Stone on the bottom right. The goal is to unlock this stone without using a fusion!
  • Normally, the first Broken mythical idol also unlocks. If not, you need to collect and merge additional blessing orbs.
  • Place the first idol to the side and merge the 3 available Druid stones with the other 2 stones on the Super Cursed Earth to form a horizontal line.
  • Merge 5 Broken mythical idols.
  • Merge the 3 remaining Broken mythical idols.
  • To finish the level, all you have to do is merge the Mythical idols.

If you follow this Merge Magic Challenge 16 guide carefully, you should have no trouble with the challenge. With a little practice, even the third difficulty on the timer should be a breeze!
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