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Merge Magic! tips - Our best tips for success

Merge Magic tips

The mobile game Merge Magic! is perfect for passing the time. With its cute graphics and serene soundtrack, it allows you to solve puzzles by merging elements together. But don't let the first impression fool you; the game is full of difficulties and obstacles. In order to progress as quickly as possible, pass the successive levels and build a magic garden worthy of the name, we advise beginners to follow these tips. Everyone is free to go at their own pace, but to maximise your results and not waste any resources, try to apply our essential Merge Magic tips as much as possible.
Players of Merge Dragons! players should find some familiar tips. Both games share the same development studio (Gram Games) and have several common mechanics. However, there are obviously differences and our tips will be useful to both novices and experienced players!

Give top priority to mergers of 5 elements

Merge 5 elements on Merge Magic!
The winning number is 5!

Merge Magic belongs to the family of puzzle games. As in many match-3 games, all you have to do is combine at least 3 identical elements to merge them into a new element of higher rank. This basic principle applies to absolutely everything you will encounter in the game: Egg, Blessed Flower, Coin or Star. However, to maximise your return, it is advisable to merge 5 items.

By merging 5 level 1 items, you will get 2 level 2 items, thus making a theoretical saving of one item. This saving may seem derisory when talking about items of lower ranks. But by going up the chain of mergers, small streams become very large rivers! This manipulation requires a bit of organisation and reflection but remains a must among the Merge Magic tricks 😉

Change the settings for the garden merger

Now that you know that the number 5 is the lucky number on Merge Magic! This is not mandatory, and beginners are advised to keep the default settings to avoid making mistakes. The modifications are mainly for tryharders looking for optimization.

  • Overlap on/off: Overlap is disabled as standard, saving a few thousandths of a second on each merge. However, experienced players prefer to enable the option. This prevents mistakes and accidental merges.
  • Activate/deactivate chain reactions: Chain reactions allow you to make combos and gain bonus points. However, they can get in the way of your goal of optimising your 5-element fusions. To avoid accidents, experienced players deactivate the option.
  • Prefer fusion by 5: the name is attractive and will seduce players who absolutely want to do fusion by 5, like good students. The problem is that this is not always possible and that you don't always have the same 5 elements at hand. To avoid wasting time by activating/deactivating the option, we prefer not to use this parameter. Just be careful and you should already limit the risks by managing your overlap and chain reaction settings.

💡 A good tip that might come in handy: Merge Magic is also playable on PC! It's much more comfortable to play on a big screen and with your mouse. And above all, really more convenient to avoid making merge mistakes!

Return regularly to your Merge Magic Garden!

Merge Magic Garden
We hope you have a green thumb!

Progress in Merge Magic! can be measured by your progress through the different levels. But the most important thing is surely the progress of your magic garden. This is the base camp where you can fully express your inventiveness and develop your magical creatures. It is therefore important to visit it regularly. On the one hand, because it is in the Garden that you collect the rewards obtained in the different levels. On the other hand, because your magical beasts can collect resources, but must rest regularly before continuing to work. The trick is to start each of your game sessions in your garden. Then use your compasses in the classic levels, and then return to your garden to enjoy your faithful workers again!

Also, don't forget to collect your daily chest to get free resources 🎁. NPCs will also regularly offer you more or less interesting trades.

Build and improve huts and coin stores

Merge Magic huts and coin stores!
Investments that pay off in the long term.

Huts and coin stores can only be found in your Magic Garden. Since they are not visible in the normal levels, their importance is not necessarily obvious. However, they are the most important buildings in your garden and you should invest in them from the very beginning of the game!

  • Huts : These allow your magical creatures to rest. Fairies, Satyrs or Centaurs need a break, they can't constantly collect resources. Having additional huts reduces the amount of time spent waiting and inactivity.
  • Coin reserves: These increase your storage capacity. This prevents wastage during normal levels, should you go over the limit. In Merge Magic! there is no need to be stingy, so feel free to buy regularly. Stashes also passively produce coins, which you collect by clicking on them.

Tips on magical creatures

Magical creatures are your faithful companions in adventure. Each one belongs to a specific class with special characteristics. Take these into account when you give them a task.

  • Builders : build faster.
  • Defenders : attack more quickly and effectively.
  • Harvesters : harvest resources faster.
  • Workers : These creatures have more stamina and rest less.
  • Sprinters: These creatures move faster.
  • Trophies : creatures that look nice and shine because of their rarity (events). They have no special characteristics.
Centaury level reward in Merge Magic!
Challenge levels allow you to receive creatures.

Merge Magic tips: all about compasses

The garden is still accessible, but to play in the normal and challenging levels you need compasses. To optimise your progress you will need to learn to manage your stockpile while carefully planning your play sessions. A player automatically loads one compass per hour and can hold a maximum of 7 compasses, and can watch up to 5 video ads per day to earn an additional 5 free.

Merge Magic compass
Don't lose your way by spending your gems too quickly.

The other solution is to buy them for 8 gems. The price seems reasonable, but we generally prefer to save these precious gems to use them for other more useful purposes (mystery nests or treasures).

Quick navigation and double tap

In order to finish the levels quickly, and in particular to pass the challenge levels, it is necessary to be fluid in your manipulations. The speed of execution is important, but you must not lose precision either, at the risk of making mistakes. It is therefore preferable to unlock the screen in order to navigate quickly through the larger levels. Unlocking the screen also allows you to zoom in and out as needed. The lock function is only useful on very rare occasions when you are afraid of shaking when making an important merge.

To navigate quickly, you will also need to master the double tap. It's not about doing a double headshot, but about quickly ordering your workers to harvest a resource. This technique allows you to automatically assign one of your creatures without having to search for it on your screen. This saves a lot of time but does not allow you to choose the worker in question.

Merge Magic tricks from the vault

On the world map, at the top left of the interface, you will find the icon that allows you to open your treasure chest. The chests are unlocked as you progress and allow you to gain precious resources that can be used in your magic garden. To benefit from them, you must remember to unlock them (which takes time) and especially to open them once the waiting period has elapsed. Too many chests are left abandoned and opened with a delay. This is not a problem in itself, but knowing that you can only store 3 chests at the same time, it's a shame to waste time!

Safe Deposit Box
The vault has a limited capacity.

A small green light indicates whether a safe is ready to be opened. The purple locations indicate that the safe is locked or in the process of being unlocked.

Maximising resources from normal levels

A normal level is not always very fun as the difficulties are generally limited. However, this is not a reason to be picky. It still provides interesting resources. To maximise your gains, it is therefore advisable to take your time without necessarily rushing straight to the main objective. The secondary objectives are not compulsory, but they offer additionalrewards when you succeed. Also, always remember to collect small gold coins and treasure chests before completing the level.

Level completed Merge Magic!

It is also possible to redo an already finished level since the first three achievements offer rewards. So don't hesitate to farm!

We have reached the end of this Merge Magic! guide. With these tips, you will be able to progress quickly through the game and build a beautiful magic garden. The first few challenge levels as well as the first few normal levels shouldn't be too difficult for you. 😎

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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