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How to beat 18-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom? - Team F2P

How to beat 18-30 Cookie Run Kingdom

Stage 18-30 of Cookie Run Kingdom is the hardest part of the scenario. After testing many teams, I've finally found what it takes to win against Smoked Cheese Cookie with 3 stars and in F2P. The team and treasures I've used can be adapted, but you'll need cookies at maximum lvl and ideally with spells at maximum.

Note that this cookie compo will allow you to unlock the 18-30 automatically! I've also included a team that's harder to get at the end of the article, but which will get you into the 18-30 Dark Mode of CRK.

The 18-30 CRK 3-star and auto strategy

The strategy to beat 18-30 CRK is to have 1 front-lane (very solid), zone damage (AoE) and a back-lane that increases the durability of your cookies (healing and DEF increase). Your composition should revolve around Parfait Cookie, which allows you to hold out until the boss is defeated, and 1 or 2 big healers. A bit like the 17-30 team.

Win 18-30 CRK in 3 stars

Be careful, this team doesn't win at 100%. Depending on the RNG of the boss who randomly targets your cookies, you may have to re-run the battle 2 or 3 times to get it to 3 stars!

The team for winning the 18-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom can be adapted to suit your cookies, so I'll give you a few alternatives as well as an extra team. In addition to the strategy to follow, you'll also need slightly optimised toppings to win automatically and easily.

Cookies to use for 18-30 CRK

The team cookies to be used to win the Cookie Run Kingdom 18-30 stage are as follows:

  • Crimson Coral Cookie

  • Pure Vanilla Cookie

  • Tarte Tatin Cookie

  • Cream Puff Cookie

  • Parfait Cookie

I advise you to have your cookies with the level and their skills at maximum level. You'll need the Cream Puff Cookie and Parfait Cookie sweets, even at level 1. You'll also need to be in a good guide in order to benefit from its bonuses, as well as your buildings at max level.

18-30 Cookie Run Kingdom Team

The toppings are similar to the standard toppings for these cookies. However, you'll need to focus on certain secondary stats so that your cookies can easily defeat the boss.

  • Raspberry Set (ATQ%) for Crimson Coral Cookie and Tarte Tatin Cookie

  • Swift Chocolate Set (Reload Time %) for Parfait Cookie and Pure Vanilla Cookie

  • Juicy Apple Jelly Set (CRIT%) for Cream Puff Cookie

The secondary stats to focus on are DMG Resist and Reload Time. I recommend a minimum of 10% DMG Resist for all cookies and 20% DMG Resist for Tarte Tatin Cookie.

Treasures to combine with the compo

The treasures to use to complete this final stage of the story are as follows:

  • Squishy Jelly Watch (cd reduction), level 12 recommended

  • Dream Conductor's Whistle (CRIT%, DMG Resist%, ATQ%): recommended level 8+.

  • Disciple's Magic Scroll (ATQ% and DEF%): recommended level 12

The Squishy Jelly Watch treasure can be replaced by its epic equivalent if it is high enough level (8+), as can the Disciple's Magic Scroll.

It is possible to adapt this team to certain cookies, even if the stats required are more complicated to achieve. Here are a few ideas:

  • Crimson Coral Cookie can be replaced by Fettuccine Cookie.

  • Pure Vanilla Cookie can be replaced with Black Pearl Cookie (Swift Chocolate Set) or Sherbet Cookie or Golden Cheese Cookie.

  • Cream Puff Cookie can be replaced by Pure Vanilla Cookie (if 2 DPS in the middle).

  • Parfait Cookie and Tarte Tatin Cookie are not really replaceable in this 18-30 compo.

If you decide to play with 2 DPS in the middle, you'll probably need to use the Shining Feather treasure from the Sugar Swan to finish with 3 stars.

Team 18-30 Dark Mode in CRK

To get through CRK's 18-30 Dark Mode, you'll need a team made up of lots of cookies with Transcendence set to maximum. Here are the cookies to use and their toppings:

  • Icicle Yeti Cookie needs a minimum of 24% CD.

  • Burnt Cheese Cookie needs a lot of DMG Resist, around 48% minimum.

  • Rockstar Cookie must have CD, minimum 10% CRIT.

  • Crème brûlée Cookie must have a high ATQ%.

  • Cream Puff Cookie must have a maximum of CRIT% and a minimum of 5% CD.

Except for Icicle Yeti Cookie, I recommend a minimum of 20% DMG Resist for your cookies.

18-30 dark mode CRK

For the treasures to use, I recommend :

  • Librarian's Enchanted Robes level 12.

  • Sleepyhead's Jelly Watch level 12.

  • Old Pilgrim's Scroll level 12.

And that's it, this guide to beat 18-30 in Cookie Run Kingdom is now complete. I hope it's unlocked for you in either Normal or Dark mode! Don't hesitate to check out our other tips for progressing in the game. Get cooking! 🍪

Hakio Co-founder of and passionate about virtual worlds of all kinds. It seems that Try Hard is also part of his vocabulary.
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