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Idle heroes guide to getting started | Tips and Advice

Idle Heroes guide to getting started

There are many reasons to embark on this adventure Idle Heroes. In addition to having a highly developed fantasy universe, this free-to-play game also offers a very rich progression that promises players a potentially infinite life span. But, even if this RPG is well known and its success has been proven, it is still a bit scary to get started. With over 200 heroes, a multitude of factions and skills to consider, and a complex upgrade system, it can be easy to get dizzy. Our Idle Heroes Guide will help you calm your panic attacks 😅. You'll find all the tips you need to get your adventure off to a good start and learn the art of good management later on. In a game where quality is more important than quantity, it's up to you to build the best possible hero composition.

While this RPG uses gacha game mechanics, any good player knows how important the beginnings are and how crucial it is to avoid mistakes in order not to leave with a handicap. You will learn how to optimize your resources, your money and especially your time! This Idle Heroes guide will also give you a good understanding of the game. It will give you a good idea of its potential and its compatibility with your tastes.

Idle Heroes: aim of the game and basic rules

In Idle Heroes, your main objective is to gain power. To do this, you must summon characters, called "heroes", who are characterised by their rarity (number of stars), their faction (which influences their strengths and weaknesses), their skills (passive and active) and their various statistics (HP, attack, speed, etc.). But recruiting is only the first stone of your building. You will need to improve your heroes to make them even stronger. It's up to you to increase their rank and their equipment.

Once composed, your team will allow you to progress in the different game modes (Campaign, Arena, Tower of Nothingness...). The management will represent the bulk of the work, since the fights are done automatically. Finally, as its name suggests, Idle Heroes has an element of idleness as you earn resources passively, even without being in the game. However, it is necessary to come back regularly to collect resources and play the different modes that require a reload time. There is no secret, to build the best team, you have to play regularly and over time.

Different levels of the Idle Heroes campaign
The campaign needs a lot of time to progress.

Get your first 5-star hero for free

Among the heroes, the 5-star heroes are the rarest and most sought after. They are the most powerful characters that can be obtained in their natural state. To give you a helping hand, the game offers you the 5-star hero Norma for free from the start of your adventure, provided you register your account. From the home screen, simply open the settings and click on "register". For those of you who panic when you don't see Norma in your hero list, relax! She is in your inventory in the form of 50 fragments. Assemble the fragments and you will get your reward.

Norma is not the best of heroes. She belongs to the abyss section (red) and has the priest class. Norma is nevertheless very useful at the beginning of the game asshe tanks a lot in the front line. She also has healing abilities that make her very durable. Investing in upgrading her can pay off in the early campaign levels and the first few floors of the tower. Only the lucky few who have quickly obtained two other good tanks to serve as frontline can afford to skip it.

Norma 5 star Idle Heroes

Playing the game on PC ? Idle Heroes Installation Guide

By following this tip, you will be able to enjoy the game Idle Heroes on PC. Just follow our step-by-step procedure to install the BlueStacks emulator. This method is free, legal and safe, but above all it is very practical. Choosing to play Idle Heroes on PC offers you two big advantages:

  • Comfort and quality of play: PCs have larger screens, which means better graphics. It is also easier to use external peripherals, such as a mouse, keyboard or even a joystick! Above all, playing on a PC allows you to do several things at the same time while regularly reopening Idle Heroes to collect resources.
  • Time optimization: playing from a computer also makes it much easier for players to consult our guide or tier lists. It also makes it possible to find the game's gift codes in another window. On a mobile phone, you have to juggle with the applications, whereas on a PC, you can just copy and paste!

Idle Heroes Guide to Summoning: Knowing Your Probability Table

Summoning plays a central role in Idle Heroes. This is your main way to get heroes to build the most powerful formation. While everyone hopes to get powerful 5-star heroes, you should be prepared to summon a lot of weak characters from lower tiers. However, this Idle Heroes guide will teach you that no hero is useless. Those who are not powerful enough to join your team, will be used as a promotion element or can be exchanged for resources in the Altar. There are 3 types of summons that do not work in the same way.

Idle Heroes guide to summoning
  • Ordinary Summoning: Allows you to get heroes from 1 to 5 stars. The game gives you one free ordinary summons every 8 hours. These are the most basic summonses that hardly ever give anything very rare.
  • Heroic Summoning: Allows you to obtain 3 to 5 star heroes. The game gives you a free heroic summons every 48 hours. These are the summonses that are most likely to give you 5-star heroes.
  • Friendship Summoning: Allows you to obtain 2 to 5 star heroes. These summons can be bought with hearts sent by your friends.
Ordinary invocation56 %34 %8,50 %1,45 %0,05 %
Invocation of FriendshipX32 %54 %13,2 %0,8 %
Heroic summonsXX78,45 %20 %1,58 %
Table of probabilities.

Fortunately, there are other special or one-off ways to win rare and powerful characters (shop, event, rewards, etc.).

Idle Heroes' Guide to the Altar: The Art of Recycling Without Spoiling

If you have been following our Idle Heroes guide at all, you should know that you are likely to end up with lower tier heroes. Since your storage space is limited (unless you increase it with gems), you'll need to sort through them regularly. To make it worthwhile, all heroes destroyed in the Altar will earn you some bonus resources. Nothing is lost, everything is used!

From the very beginning of the game, discard without hesitation the 1 and 2 star heroes that are of no use to you. Keep all the time the 4 and 5 star heroes, even your duplicates or those which seem a little weak. They will be used as promotion materials to improve your best heroes. Indeed, the quality of the materials depends on their rank and not on the intrinsic quality of the hero. Concerning the 3 star heroes, you can keep some of them. To promote a 4 star hero to 5 stars, you will need 4 3 star heroes of the indicated faction. But apart from your stock of 4, there is no need to have too many.

Altar, destruction of useless heroes
If not a heroic end of life, the Altar is a useful end of life.

Do not hesitate to fight again after a defeat

Idle Heroes is a management game where patience and endurance are often rewarded. Building a good team takes time, especially if you refuse to spend real money. Defeats and failures are part of your progress and you shouldn't stop at the first obstacle. Whether it's in the Campaign, the Sealed Land or the Tower of Nothingness, losing a battle doesn't always mean you're out. You only have a limited impact in the combat phases where heroes automatically attack and there is a big RNG factor. Critical hits, blocks, chances to stun, freeze or silence your opponents... A lot of probabilities come into play and the truth of one battle is not the same as another.

While there are indeed levels that will block your progress, it is still worth trying several times when you lose. On a misunderstanding, it can work!

Idle Heroes Tour
The drops of water became more and more common over time, so we might as well try several times.

Idle Heroes guide to daily quests: a source of recurring gems

Gems are a valuable resource in Idle Heroes. They can be used for everything from buying lots at the market, to speeding up your expeditions to the Celestial Isle, to trading with merchants in the Aspen Dungeon. Impatient players will probably not resist spending real money on microtransactions for long. However, this is a bottomless pit and can become dangerously addictive. Be aware that you can get a minimum of 200 gems per day from the start by completing daily quests. These will become your new morning (or evening) routine to earn your minimum in seconds. You can check the progress of your daily quests by clicking on the grimoire on the right of the main menu.

Daily quests and rewards Idle Heroes

Based on your routine, you will only need to summon one ordinary summon and one heroic summon per day for optimum performance. There is no need to spend your gems on extra heroic summons (250 for 1 or 2,200 for 10) in the Summoning Circle. On the one hand, the quality ratio is not crazy and on the other hand, it is better to wait until you are in a temporary summoning event to spend it all at once. These events give nice rewards if you reach levels; and stocking up is necessary to get as high as possible.

Finding friends and a guild

There is strength in numbers and the Idle Heroes community can help you progress. Beyond the usual tips and tricks that can be shared by experienced players, friends are important in the game to get additional resources every day. Moreover, friends are randomly proposed to you in the game but you can also find them on the official Discord of the game 😀

  • Obtaining hearts: These hearts allow for Friendship Summonings. It takes some time to get the 100 hearts needed for the 10 summonses. A maximum of friends (max 50) will ensure a maximum of hearts. Don't hesitate to hunt down inactive players, who won't give you much.
  • Exploration : Twice a day you can also go exploring with your friends. An exploration takes two hours to return and gives you bonus resources. Gems, artefacts, money, fragments, etc. There is something for everyone. The most advanced explorations require friends with high combat power. So it's best to make friends with a lot of firepower.
Idle Heroes Friends List

Joining a guild also provides a more collective experience. It also gives you access to special shops and additional resources. So there's no point in being a lone wolf and you might as well take advantage of these bonuses. Among the key features of guilds are

  • Tech: Allows you to increase the stats of your heroes with technology. For example, you can get +30% HP from shooters, +25% damage from warriors or +40% blocking from assassins. These upgrades can be bought with money and guild coins.
  • Guild shop: to buy 4 and 5 star heroes but also skins.

This is the end of our Idle Heroes guide. With all these tips, you should be able to start your adventure with peace of mind. You will now master all the basic principles to evolve and manage your game in the best possible way. 😎
Finally, don't hesitate to tell us in the comments if you've noticed any other useful tips for getting started!

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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