Idle Heroes Tips

idle heroes 2023 codes

All Idle Heroes codes from 2024

Idle Heroes codes allow you to benefit from free resources that are always a pleasure!For the more wary, these gift codes (also known as redempti...

Tier list Idle Heroes

Tier List Idle Heroes | The best heroes of the game

On Idle HeroesThere is no shortage of characters and you can quickly get lost. Between factions, abilities, star ratings and classes, it's not ea...

Idle Heroes Arena

All about the Arena in Idle Heroes rewards

During your adventure Idle HeroesDuring your adventure, it is impossible to miss the Arena during your progression. The arena allows you to compe...

Idle Heroes Aspen Dungeon

Idle Heroes Aspen Dungeon: Our tips for success

In your daily routine on Idle Heroes, you will have to integrate from time to time a particular game mode: the Aspen dungeon. This mode will chal...

Idle Heroes private server

How to install the Idle Heroes Private Server | Detailed Guide

Idle Heroes is a mobile RPG that mixes strategy and management. It stands out for its rich universe and the diversity of its characters, which gi...

Celestial Island Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes Celestial Island : How to optimize your resources?

In Idle Heroesto progress in the different game modes, there is no secret. You need to recruit the best characters and above all improve them to...

Idle Heroes event guide

Idle Heroes Events Guide | Rewards and objectives

Watching Idle Heroes videos, you usually can't help but feel a pang of jealousy when looking at the more advanced players. They have all the hero...

Idle Heroes guide to getting started

Idle heroes guide to getting started | Tips and Advice

There are many reasons to embark on this adventure Idle Heroes. In addition to having a highly developed fantasy universe, this free-to-play game...

how to play idle heroes on pc or mac

How to play Idle Heroes on PC or Mac?

In this new guide, we'll look at how to play Idle Heroes on a PC or Mac. You'll see, it's very simple. Just follow these few steps. In order to...

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