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Idle Heroes Aspen Dungeon: Our tips for success

Idle Heroes Aspen Dungeon

In your daily routine on Idle Heroes, you will have to integrate from time to time a particular game mode: the Aspen dungeon. This mode will challenge you to go as far as possible in a series of battles. It's up to you to put together the best team possible to get through the different stages and unlock a maximum of rewards. This game mode follows its own logic. The best heroes in arena mode (PvP) or campaign mode (PvE) are not necessarily the same when it comes to facing this dangerous dungeon. In order to optimise your progress we have put together an Idle Heroes Aspen Dungeon guide which contains everything you need to know to make your expedition worthwhile.

The Aspen dungeon is a rather difficult mode. It only opens its doors to players who have reached level 72. For the others, you will have to be patient and gain experience. To get there as quickly as possible, take a look at our guide to getting started.

What is the Aspen Dungeon?

The Idle Heroes dungeon game mode in Aspen is unique. Just like the Braves' journey, your heroes are not healed between battles. This means that you will have to use your stamina to get through the various stages. But what is even more special is that this dungeon is all about individuality! Before each fight you can only select one character who will fight alone! So he better have strong shoulders 😉

Aspen Idle Heroes Dungeon waiting to reopen
Maintenance ? Hero recruitment ? Spring cleaning? You have to be patient before entering the dungeon.

The aim of this game mode is to go as far as possible and recover as many resources as possible. It always works the same way: open the doors for 48 hours and then 48 hours of recovery. But fortunately, there are checkpoints every 50 stages that allow you to save part of your progress. Failing at stage 47, for example, will make you start again from the beginning, whereas reaching stage 52 will allow you, during your next expedition, to start again from the checkpoint of stage 50.

There is also another interest in this dungeon. During your explorations, you can find various mysterious merchants who can sell you interesting resources. A successful dungeon is therefore also about making a maximum of bargains!

Who are the best heroes to succeed in this mode?

If you have read the previous paragraph, you know that in the Aspen dungeon the strongest heroes are those who can heal themselves. Therefore, Tier List for the Aspen dungeon is quite different from the classicTier List . Quite obviously, support characters are poor in this game mode, as they have no allies to boost. Shooters have a high DPS, but are often fragile and may have trouble keeping up with fights. Therefore, we are mainly looking for warriors with a full profile, good sustain and respectable toughness.

Idle Heroes demonic body
In other modes, Demonic Corps may not look like much, but it excels in the Aspen dungeon.

Among the best heroes recognized in the dungeon are :

  • Asmodel (Warrior of Light): This hero has no healing but is very strong with his damage reduction. He has mostly attacks that target multiple enemies and will be able to quickly finish the fight without taking too many hits.
  • Demonic Body (Shadow Warrior): This warrior is self-sufficient. It heals itself enormously when it has few HP and freezes its enemies when it attacks and is attacked. This allows him to stall and regenerate completely.
  • Valkyrie (Forest Shooter): This shooter is not fragile and heals regularly during combat. She also has multi-target damage that allows her to take down all her enemies at once.

Idle Heroes Aspen Dungeon: how to choose your fighter?

In order to get as far as possible in the Idle Heroes dungeon game mode in Aspen, in addition to choosing your basic team, you must also carefully select the fighter who will go to the front. Before each stage, it is possible to preview the enemies that await you. The player who wants to go as far as possible must take two things into account.

Idle Heroes Faction Tables Aspen Dungeon
The faction table must be learned by heart!
  • The number of enemies : at each stage between 1 and 4 enemies are waiting for you. It's up to you to decide whether you want to be a duelist or an area attacker.
  • Enemy faction: remember to review your type table to master the strengths and weaknesses of each faction.

The most skilled players will also know the profile and skills of the enemy by heart. Knowing whether the latter has anti-care, max HP damage or control spells can be useful in choosing the best, or least bad, counter.

Learn to optimise your objects

As you explore the dungeon, the game will give you a few nudges. Randomly, you can come across objects. These will be of great help to you.

  • Healing potions: Mysterious milks restore 20% of life, demonic potions restore 50% of life and give 300 energy and angelic potions restore 100% of life.
  • Improvement potions: speed potions (+10), power potions (+1.5% attack) and critical potions (+2% critical chance).
Aspen Dungeon Idle Heroes fight
On the left are your potions accumulated during your exploration.

Improvement potions are accumulated and kept between fights. We therefore advise you to start with the weakest heroes in your team to hope to gain a maximum number of potions of this type. When your best characters enter the fray, they will be able to benefit from a maximum bonus. The same applies to healing potions. Avoid wasting as much as possible and reserve them for your most efficient heroes. Beware: a dead hero remains dead and cannot live again, even with an angel potion.

For those of you who are a bit stingy and hope to keep the potions from one trial to the next, there is no need to try your luck. Enhancement potions and healing potions disappear between each expedition, so you might as well use them all!

Idle Heroes Aspen Dungeon: grabbing bargains from merchants

To be successful in the Aspen dungeon, it is not enough to fight and defeat all your enemies. You also have to jump on the good opportunities offered by the different merchants. There are three types: the young merchant, the baroness and the old lady. The last one offers rare resources, but they all offer good and bad deals! Good deals are lots with reduced prices compared to what you can find elsewhere (market), while bad deals are rip-offs with an extra cost.

the mysterious merchants of the Aspen dungeon
It's hard to put the baroness on the safe side with her prices.
  • The young merchant's bargains: 500K Spirits (-86.66%), 250K Spirits (-86.66%) and 5 Arena Tickets (-6.66%).
  • The Baroness's bargains: she only sells items at cost or that you will have to overpay for. So don't go to her shop!
  • The old lady's bargains : 5 Prophet's Orbs (-10%), 10 Scrolls of Heroic Summoning (-16.66%), 20 Hope Spring Tokens (-16.66% or -25%), 20 Arena Tickets (33.3%). We could also add the 5 Epic Hero Fragments which have no comparison price.

We have reached the end of this Idle Heroes dungeon guide. With these tips, you should be able to get the most out of this game mode and have the most fun. Having a good team helps, but by thinking carefully about your strategy, you will be able to succeed in going that little bit further. 😆
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