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Deepwoken Oaths: what are they and how to use them?

Deepwoken Oaths

Deepwoken Oaths are an important part of your progress in this Roblox game, considered to be the most difficult on the platform. According to the official definition, oaths "are views and beliefs by which a character promises to live until the day of his downfall". What are Deepwoken Oaths for? How many are there? How do you get them? Let's find out together!

What are Deepwoken Oaths: focus on their role

Deepwoken Oaths give your character evolving abilities as well as rules and actions to swear by. It's similar to a classic skill tree found in a traditional RPG... with one exception.

In traditional RPGs, skills are cumulative, which is not the case with Deepwoken Oaths. When you start your adventure, you haven't taken an oath, so you're a scout. Without an oath, you can't be hired by another player, which is good if you want to have a choice. However, this status gives you no real advantage.

Deepwoken Oaths, when combined with Deepwoken Attributes or Talents, will be a significant advantage if you want to progress while keeping your losses to a minimum.

Characters Deepwoken Oaths

You can only take one oath at a time - so they cannot be accumulated. However, they disappear when you die. When this happens, you are sent to the Fragments of Self, an area located in the Dephts. At this point, the oath disappears and you can choose to take a new oath.

Deepwoken Oaths can only be obtained by meeting certain specific conditions. To obtain the different oaths, you need to complete quests. Each oath has its own quest. However, to access these different quests, you need to have attribute points beforehand.

What are the Deepwoken Oaths and how do I get them?

To date, there are 11 Deepwoken Oaths that you can obtain . Two new oaths are planned for the near future, but we'll tell you all about them in due course, as soon as they're officially released.

Oath name

Benefits conferred

Conditions for obtaining

Related quest


(considered to be the most powerful Deepwoken oath)

+1 Wildcard Mantra

+2 Combat Mantra

20 Flamecharm

20 Thundercall

20 Fortitude

Go to The Eternal Gale (Layer 2) to turn on the generator.

Talk to the NPC in the ignition area before rescuing Epsi from the cave.

Return to the NPC and go to Miner's Landing.

Finally, complete 5 beat chasers in Layer 2.


+1 Manta Wildcard (additional slot for a Mantra card)

+1 Support Mantra

+10 Mental Health

40 Willpower

3 mental fortress talents

No Oath - Access to the Temple of the Forgotten Flame (Haute Erisie)

Interact with glyphs by wearing a blindfold.


+2 Combat Mantra

+10 Ether

No special requirements

Obtain a good reputation at the Ministry.

Beat Duke and then see the Regent.

Make agreements with shrines to obtain the bell.

Talk to Yun Shull before returning to the Regent.


+2 Combat Mantra

No special requirements

Level 2, floor 2. Gather medallions to beat Ethiron.

Talk to Klaris and open his shop before upgrading Klaris's medallions with Dawnwalker.


+1 Wildcard Mantra

+1 Combat Mantra

Power 12

Get your hair cut at a barber shop 10 times.

Grants Mantra and Talents.


+1 Wildcard Mantra

+1 Mobility Mantra

50 Agility

Talk to Alirian at the frozen pond in Minityrsa. Beat him in a race. Bring him 5 orbs hidden in the Etrean Luminant.


+1 Wildcard Mantra

+2 Support Mantra

No special requirements

Collect immaculate lotuses.

Kill 4 players with oaths to obtain scarlet lotuses.


+2 Wildcard Mantra

+15% resistance to Oath damage

+10 HP

No special requirements

Head towards the docks at Miner's Landing. Climb the wall in front of the log and turn right. Go into the cave hidden behind a log and talk to the NPC.

Find the 3 disciples (Fort Merit, Meteor Isle, Summer Isle).

Return to the NPC.


+10% weapon damage

+15% resistance to Mantras


+5 Stance

75 Weapon

40 Strength

40 Agility or Charisma

Be killed by a player with an attribute before going to the wakes. Talk to the NPC in the library.

Go to the Sea of Void to find a Ghost Ship.

Go to the Sanctuary to obtain the Oath.


+2 Combat Mantra


40 Strength

Go and see the song seeker, then go to the temple.

Talk to the NPC there before killing an angel in The Beehive, then all the angels on the map before returning to the NPC.


+2 Combat Mantra

+1 Support Mantra

50 Charisma

1 dark feather

See the widow of the Dephts.

Obtain dark feathers and Void feathers from the owls of the Dephts. You'll also have a chance to get a dark feather.

We've come full circle to Deepwoken Oaths! If you haven't yet read our other articles on this Roguelike Roblox, we recommend them!

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