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Deepwoken map: points of interest and locations

Map of Deepwoken

Roblox' s Deepwoken map is undoubtedly a veritable labyrinth for all players unfamiliar with this universe. In fact, it's one of the biggest maps in mobile gaming. What are the points of interest on these maps? Where are the most important places in Deepwoken? How do you find your way around? We'll be answering all these questions as we go along!

Deepwoken map: where are the points of interest and key locations?

The Deepwoken map is particularly large. Without knowing all its specifics, you could easily get lost. The base game map is devoid of any detail, which doesn't make it easy to explore or optimise your search for points of interest or locations.

Finding your way around Deepwoken thanks to the interactive maps

Some players, annoyed by the lack of precision of the maps at the very heart of the game, decided to find solutions. To make the experience easier for everyone, they've developed interactive maps with precise details of all the key points, equipment and quests. This will help you develop your Deepwoken skills!

Full map of Deepwoken

One click and you'll find the Linkstrider Meteors, the Grasp of Eylis Spots, the Sea Highway, static encounters, the various NPCs (whether or not they give you quests), the location of the Jetstriker Orbs...

If you'd like to see the Deepwoken maps for each region of the Etrean Luminant and the Eastern Luminant, go to the Official Deepwoken Wiki Wiki to help you find your way around!

The different places and points of interest on the Deepwoken map

There are several important locations in the Deepwoken map universe. In its entirety, the Etrean Luminant map is made up of three main seas: the Etrean See, the Aratel See and the Void.

Aside from that, we've listed a number of important places for you to visit, whether they're places for combat, quests or pure exploration:

  • The Stirrups

  • Island of the Vigils

  • Lower Erisia

  • Haute Erisie

  • Lord Erisia's Manor

  • Burning Stone Gardens

  • The rat's den

In the heart of the Dephts :

  • Celtor Waste

  • City of the Drowned

  • Caricosa District

Duke Erisia's Manor Deepwoken Map

In the Aratel See :

  • Songseeker Wilds

  • Summer Island

  • Large Aratel Hive

  • The Monkey's Paw

  • The Beehive

  • Fort Merit

In the Void Sea :

  • Boatman's Watch

  • Heart of the Void

Role of the different points of interest on the Deepwoken map

The points of interest on the Deepwoken map are essential if you want to progress smoothly on your adventure. Let's take a look at all the strategic locations and what they do. They'll make it easier for you to get around!

Points of interest

In-game use

- Blacksmith

-Guild clerk



They allow you to make weapons, tools and equipment to increase your power and defence against enemies.


-Jetty Worker

Essential if you want to be able to travel by sea to different locations on the Deepwoken map.



Help your general survival.

-Craft Table

-Mantra Table


Enable you to concoct potions and craft your accessories and equipment to last longer in combat.

Oath Gate

A fast teleport between two destinations you've already visited.







All the useful resources for crafting and smithing that come from mining. Don't hesitate to farm as much as you can when you find it!

Depending on what you need during your adventure, you'll need to visit one of the Deepwoken shops at some point. Each one has a clearly defined role and only offers one type of resource.

Navigation Sea Map Deepwoken

Type of shop

Resources available


Flint, Pickaxe, Wooden Axe, Repair Hummer.


Ankle Weights, Boulder, Dumbbell, Encyclopedia, Gale Kata, Hearthgem, Hemafrost, How to make friends, Math Manual, Rosary, Pure Heart, Self-Conducting Loop, Training Vest, Manual of Arms.


Battleaxe, Dragon, Flintlock, Iron Spear, Mace, Messer, Parrying Dagger, Revolver, Ritual Spear, Silver Dagger, Steel, Maul, Stiletto, Targe, Worshiper Shield, Zweihander

Armour recipes

Cutthroat Light Armor, Darksteel Plate, Experienced Adventurer, Flame Worshiper's Armor, Navaen Nomad's Robe, Arch-Sorcerer, Scout's Cloak, Scout's Cloak, Scout's Cloak, Scout's Cloak, Scout's Cloak, Scout's Cloak, Scout's Cloak, Scout's Cloak, Scout's Cloak, Scout's Cloak, Scout's Cloak, Scout's Cloak, Scout's Cloak, Scout's Cloak.Scouting Cloak, Shadowhunter, Skeptical Pioneer, Company Uniform Summer, Wandering Swordsman


Hunter's Brace


Amnesia Driftwood, Cloth, Cloudstone, Crystal Lens, Drift Fragment, Fibre, Gold, Iron, Rock, Wood


Mushroom Bisque, Mushroom Omelette


Chum, Fishing Rod

If you rely solely on the Deepwoken map available in the game - you'll never find your way around. We advise you to use the interactive maps available in the Deepwoken Wiki, which are much more detailed and complete.

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