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Top 15 best simulator games on Roblox in 2024

 Top best simulator games on Roblox

We've given you an overview of the games offered by Roblox with a Top 21 of the best Roblox games, but what would games be without the ability to project yourself into other worlds? And for that, Roblox is the place to be! So we've dug into the best simulator games on Roblox.

List of the 15 best simulator games on Roblox

Roblox is the most popular sandbox platform today. With billions of players, it's only natural that there are tens of millions of games in a wide range of styles, including simulation games. Here is a list of 15 games, but of course there are other titles in this genre, and they're all very good! Here is our ranking of the 15 best simulator games on Roblox:

  • Pet Simulator 99

  • Bee Swarm Simulator

  • Fling things and People

  • Arm Wrestle Simulator

  • Work at the pizza place

  • Greenville

  • Animal Simulator

  • StrongMan Simulator

  • Weapon Fighting Simulator

  • Emergency Response Liberty County

  • Taxi Boss

  • Cook Burgers

  • Pilot Training Flight Simulator

  • Gauntlet Simulator

  • Laundry Simulator

Presentation and ranking of the best simulator games on Roblox

We've put together a great selection of the hottest games for you to try out new horizons as an aeroplane pilot, pizzeria manager or even beekeeper. And maybe you'll find a vocation. Who knows? Let's take off for our Top 15 of the best simulator games on Roblox !

Pet Simulator 99: the best simulator game on Roblox

Pet Simulator 99: best simulator games on Roblox

At the top of the list is Pet Simulator 99, where you can collect up to 99 animals and enjoy updates every Saturday, join clans, swap pets (in exchange for good care, of course), explore the vast worlds available to you and have a blast in the many mini-games available.

If you're a fan of pet therapy and have a cuddly disposition, don't miss our tips on Adopt Me!

Bee Swarm Simulator

BeeSwarm Simulator one of the best Roblox simulation games

Bee Swarm Simulator lets you become a beekeeper for a day or forever. As well as developing your own hive, harvesting pollen and making your own honey, help the friendly bears in the neighbourhood to complete your missions, discover new areas and prosper. Watch out for lurking insects and monsters! Many different types of bee are available, each with its own personality.

Fling things and People

Top 15 best simulator games on Roblox: Fling Things and People

There's plenty of levity in 3rd place in this top 15 of the best simulator games on Roblox, with Fling Things and People. The game's pitch is simple, but the possibilities are endless, and frankly, there's a lot of fun to be had. Let your imagination soar.

Arm Wrestle Simulator

Arm Wrestle Simulator in the Roblox Top 15 of best simulation games

With Arm Wrestle Simulator, train in the gym to gain Strength, challenge your competitors and win! Access higher levels of training for even more power, collect your pets and enjoy weekly updates.

Work at the pizza place

Gameplay Work at a pizza place

Work at the pizza place is so complete that it features in several of our top games! Come and test your ability to manage a pizzeria, work with your friends and complete your missions to prosper and generate a handsome income. An immersive experience not to be missed, solo or with friends.

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Greenville gameplay top 15 best Roblox simulation games

Greenville is in 6th place on the starting grid of this top 15 of the best simulator games on Roblox. You can get behind the wheel of a beautiful car, customise it to the max (right down to the number plate) and parade it through the streets of your town. Ideal for showing off your style and taunting your mates.

Animal Simulator

Animal Simulator in the top Roblox simulation

In Animal Simulator, you take on the role of theanimal of your choice from the 24 available, including rhinos, cats, huskies and spiders. In this RPG, you gain experience with every hit you land, which allows you to level up and unlock rare animal skins. Whether you're looking to compete or just relax, this game deserves its place in this selection of the best simulator games on Roblox.

StrongMan Simulator

Strongman gameplay

After sweating it out to climb the levels, become thestrongest man in Roblox with Strongman Simulator. Shoot objects over the set distance to gain energy, then spend it in the gym to level up. Unlock new zones to perfect your training and your muscles.

To test out new horizons and a new life, take a look at our Top 14 best Tycoon Roblox games.

Weapon Fighting Simulator

Weapon Fighting Simulator top Roblox best games

In Weapon Fighting Simulator, you have a choice of weapons. Use your weapons and spells to become a true martial arts expert. Scour the maps to discover new worlds and take on new bosses to unlock powerful new weapons. Fancy a fight? Take a look at our Top 15 best Roblox anime and you won't be disappointed!

Emergency Response Liberty County

 Emergency Response Roblox one of the best simulator games on Roblox

In Emergency Response Liberty County or EC: LC, you choose the life you want to lead. Be an ambulance driver, a nurse, a farmer, a policeman, a deputy sheriff, a criminal or a thief. So it's a perfectly legitimate 10th place in this top 15 of the best simulator games on Roblox.

Taxi Boss

gameplay from one of the best Roblox Taxi Boss simulation games

In Taxi Boss, get the better of other drivers to win the most customer races, challenge your friends and drift through the mountains so you don't waste a second. The faster you drive, the more you get paid! Customise your taxi and garage to attract the most customers.

Don't miss out on all our articles on a whole host of games, as well as our Roblox tips and tricks just for you!

Cook Burgers

Cook burgers : ranking of the best Roblox simulation games

In 12th place in our ranking of the best simulator games on Roblox is Cook Burgers. As the title suggests, you have to cook burgers, but putting the ingredients together isn't so easy and the rats can upset all your plans. The ingenious thing about this game is that if you find the right recipe you can become... a rat. This game is even available for the Oculus!

Pilot Training Flight Simulator

Pilot Training Simulator: one of the best roblox simulation games

Take to the skies with Pilot Training Flight Simulator, in 13th place in our selection. Thanks to the simulations, you can fly different types of aircraft, from the An-225 to the Piper Cub. Choose from 85 aircraft.

Gauntlet Simulator

Gameplay Gauntlet Simulator

Join the world of Marvel and Thanos in Gauntlet Simulator. Transform yourself into a superhero, win tough battles and collect pets to hatch. Collect as many gauntlets as you can to assert your supremacy.

Laundry Simulator

Laundry Simulator: selection of the best Roblox simulation games

It's a surprising title that takes 15th place in our Top best simulator games on Roblox, with Laundry Simulator. A new sandbox game still in beta version, you're the owner of a launderette and you have to compete with the other employees to get the biggest washing machine around. The aim is to have the biggest machine to "throw your friends in", according to the game's pitch... Don't hesitate to give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments - we'd love to hear from you!

It's already time to say goodbye! Thank you for following this Top 15 of the best simulator games on Roblox. Remember, Roblox has 29 million games, so even 15th place is very, very good! If you've enjoyed it, don't hesitate to bookmark our pages, because we've got lots of tips, tricks and guides already written and just as many to come on a wide variety of subjects!

GipsyD GipsyD: 1980 tons of curiosity, love of words, games and movies! The light pen and the sharp sword.
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