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10 tips to optimise your Hustle Castle game

10 tips on Hustle Castle

Hustle Castle may seem easy at first glance, but the game developed by Studio Nord has many features you need to know in order to optimise your game. Here are 10 tips on Hustle Castle to follow in order to quickly own an optimised castle and become a seasoned player.

1. Adapting the equipment of your troops

Unlike most games of the genre, power in Hustle Castle is not always indicative of your chances of winning a battle. Indeed, if a much higher power than your opponent will probably lead you to victory, during closer fights, you will have to set up real strategies and adapt the equipment of your troops.

Usable weapons

First, take the time tomatch the types of weapons your warriors will use. While a sword and a bow may have the same attack power, archers will inflict damage faster because of their attack range.
Your swordsman may not even be able to hit an archer as powerful as him. On the other hand, some opponents will target your archers directly and quickly destroy your chances of victory. It is therefore essential to adapt your troops to your opponent.

2. Improving rooms intelligently

Upgrading the throne room is essential for the development of your castle. However, it is important not to rush your levelling up. When you level up your throne room, you will be offered more difficult battles.
One of the tricks in Hustle Castle is to complete all possible constructions and upgrades on each level before returning to your throne room.

Throne room in Hustle Castle

In general, the order of improvements to be made to your castle is as follows:

  • barracks and training rooms to quickly optimise the military strength of your troops;
  • dining hall and cash flow to increase your production;
  • vaultand cellar. This ensures that you do not reach your maximum storage capacity.

3. Filling rooms before improvement

Upgrading a room can take a long time. In order to keep the construction time to a minimum, we advise you to fill the room with villagers before starting the upgrade.

This way, the villagers in the room will help speed up the work. This trick is applicable to all kinds of rooms, so remember to include as many villagers as possible before starting an upgrade.

4. Depleting stocks

In addition to the fact that your stocks will fill up quickly, the resources you accumulate can be stolen by players attacking your castle. It is therefore best to use up as many resources as possible before logging out of Hustle Castle.

Guarding your chests in Hustle Castle

It is better to improve a room 'at random' than to leave your resources to a potential invader. Finally, it is important to note that chests cannot be stolen. It is therefore important to only open them when necessary. This way, you keep a reserve of resources in case of a hard time.

5. Invite your friends or create some!

Like many games in this genre, Hustle Castle offers many benefits to players who play with their friends by allowing them to send and receive gifts on a regular basis. If none of your friends play the game (or you don't have any friends...), feel free to link another Facebook account to the game.

You can use a family member's account, a friend's account or an account created for the occasion, you can make both accounts friends and enjoy the benefits of the process.
Make your life easier by installing Hustle Castle on your PC and using multi-instance!

6. Find an active clan

Being part of a clan in Hustle Castle has many advantages. However, the clan must be active. If the members of your clan are not involved, the benefits will be null and void.

How to choose your clan in Hustle Castle

Don't hesitate to spend time to find a clan that suits your way of playing. Later, once you have joined the clan of your dreams, don't hesitate to show initiative by regularly helping the other members of your clan. You will usually be rewarded.

7. Lose to win later

Some optimisation tips may not seem intuitive at first. Having a very high rating can be dangerous for your castle. Indeed, the higher your rating, the more likely you are to be attacked. Therefore, we advise you not to hesitate to voluntarily lower your rating.

To do this, take revenge on an opponent who has attacked you, but only send a level 1 soldier. By losing the battle, your rating will drop drastically. You will lose some resources, but this is the price you have to pay to protect the rest of your assets.

8. Banish the weak from your castle

The level of the newborns depends directly on the level of their parents. Thus, a 1-star "couple" will have a very high chance of having a 1-star child (and a very low chance of having a 2-star child).

The best way to have good newborns is to have your highest level males procreate continuously. To do this, include your highest level females in the room.
After each birth, banish the weakest newborns and start again the next day (a woman can only get pregnant once a day).

If you don't know how to banish your troops, don't worry, it's easy. Go to the character's screen and choose 'Banish from Castle' from the options menu next to their name (see image below).

Banishment of a troop in Hustle Castle

If you have too much heart to banish your troops, we can do nothing for you, but know that you are a great humanist!

9. Leave at least one fighter in formation

Fighters who stay in the training room improve their level continuously. Make sure you always leave a fighter in the training room, even when you send troops on raids.

Importance of training in Hustle Castle

This fighter will continue to train until you are ready to send him to the barracks. When you have finally upgraded your throne room and have an extra space in your barracks, you will automatically have a powerful warrior ready to fight.

10. Do not neglect side quests

Your main mission to rescue Princess Olivia should not keep you from returning to the side quests. Indeed, the worlds you have delivered will be regularly attacked by invaders.

Importance of side quests in Hustle Castle

Defeating them can get you some nice rewards. Finally, hunting these invaders within a certain time frame can earn you even more impressive rewards .

With the reading of these tips (to which you should not hesitate to add the analysis of our other tips on Hustle Castle), you should be able to optimize your castle and the management of your troops to the best of your ability in order to make you a future crack of the game.

Matthieu Coming from a time when mobile gaming was only possible in the form of Game&Watch (or Tetris for the wealthy), I now have several decades as a gamer to put into practice in my tests and guides! :)

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