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Hustle Castle: the secrets of the arena

The Hustle Castle Arena

In Hustle Castle, the arena represents the PvP side of the game. The fun and rewards that can be had in arena tournaments is a big reason why the game developed by Studio Nord is so popular in the mobile gaming community.
In this article, we'll give you all the details you need to know in order to master the Hustle Castle arena.

How do I get into the Hustle Castle arena?

The arena is accessible from the world map, and allows players to enter 15-man tournaments at any time. To enter, you can spend a tournament ticket (obtainable by clearing invasions or completing the daily ad quest ) or food (the price depends on the level of your throne room).
If you choose to spend your apples, the quality of rewards will be greatly reduced.

Hustle Castle world map
The world map

Using a ticket, you will always earn 60 bravery badges (the arena currency), with a possible bonus depending on the rank reached in the tournament.
The winner receives an additional250 bravery badges, the second place receives 200, the third 150, places between 4 and 6 receive 100 and places between 7 and 9 get 50 badges.

Introducing Hustle Castle Arena Tournaments

The top 3 players can also randomly receive a special reward: the tournament's royal chest! But this chance is still very small.

How the Hustle Castle arena works

The tournament lasts 5 rounds of 2.5 minutes, during which each player can attack another player. In case of victory, the tournament points are awarded according to the duration of the fight and the current rank of both players in the tournament.

For example, if your throne room is level 8, you can earn up to 80 tournament points by eliminating a lower-ranked opponent and 120 points against a fighter more threatening than you. This number of points will decrease with time, rewarding quick fights.

When you enter the arena, the game looks for players with the same number of fighters (your entire fighting team must be made up) and the same average level as you.

To win the Hustle Castle arena, you need to have the best equipment possible, as you will be facing players with formidable fighters.

Presentation of the Hustle Castle tournament pyramid
The tournament pyramid

The best strategy is to keep someone you can beat in front of you until the last round. This is obviously not always possible. To do this, try to fight tougher enemies first, as they will earn you fewer points. Save the easy wins for last.

In order to ensure that you face opponents with the same number of fighters and the same strength as you, Hustle Castle uses a system of Brackets. So to win tournaments, you'll have to rely on strategy.

The Bracket System

In Hustle Castle, players wishing to participate in tournaments are ranked according to 2 parameters: the number of fighters allowed in the barracks(C) andthe average level of your fighters(N). Thus, you will be ranked in the Bracket [CxN] corresponding to you in the game list:

  • 3×20, 3×30, 3×40 ;
  • 4×20, 4×30, 4×40, 4×47, 4×55, 4×62, 4×70 ;
  • 5×40, 5×47, 5×55, 5×62, 5×70, 5×77, 5×85, 5×94, 5×100 ;
  • 6×40, 6×47, 6×55, 6×62, 6×70, 6×77, 6×85, 6×94, 6×100.

Tips for winning tournaments

Now that you understand how Hustle Castle Arena tournaments were built, let's continue this guide with some tips on how to make the most of your chances and reach the Top 3 :

  • make sure you have heroes of average level corresponding to the maximum possible level in the Bracket you are in (e.g. prefer 3 level 30 heroes to 3 level 31 heroes in order to stay in the 3×30 Bracket);
  • Remember that the level taken into account is the average level. Under certain conditions (if, for example, you have a particularly powerful item), you can unbalance your troops to have a fighter who destroys everything in his path;
  • Hustle Castle decides to calculate the average level of your fighters by rounding down. A team of level 26, 27, 30 and 40 heroes gives an arithmetic average of 30.75. The game will round down to 30 and the team will be in the 4×30Bracket ;
  • Be careful with the teams you put together. If you move from one Bracket to another by improving your team, you will never go back.

The Hustle Castle Arena Market

Once you have collected bravery badges, you can go to the arena market to spend them on powerful rewards .

Hustle Castle arena market presentation

Depending on the level of your throne room, the market may offer up to 4 artefacts of different rarities.
2 items that can be legendary (with fully visible stats), random rare items (you can choose its type between armour, weapon, ring or amulet), a follower chest (containing 2 or 3 rare items, 1 or 2 epic items, or even a legendary item) and even a master chest from level 6 on.

The rewards available at the arena market according to your throne room level are listed in the following table (the price in bravery badges is shown in brackets):

Throne room level5678910
Artefact 1Rare (1500)Rare (3000)Rare (4500)Legendary (10000)Legendary (10000)-
Artefact 2-Rare (1500)Rare (3000)Epic (6500)Legendary (15000)-
Artefact 3---Rare (4500)Epic (6500)-
Artefact 4----Epic (9800)-
Purpose 1Rare (600)Rare (900)Epic (2500)Legendary (6000)Legendary (9000)-
Purpose 2Rare (450)Rare (750)Rare (1300)Legendary (3000)Legendary (3600)-
Rare random object(230)(250)(330)(380)(420)-
Adept's chest(1250)(2500)(2750)(3700)(4700)-
Master Chest(3650)(5200)(8350)(18100)(25100)(39600)

With all these tips, you have everything you need to make the Hustle Castle arena your favourite playground and achieve a string of Top 3 results!

To make further progress, please see our other Hustle Castle tips articles.

Matthieu Coming from a time when mobile gaming was only possible in the form of Game&Watch (or Tetris for the wealthy), I now have several decades as a gamer to put into practice in my tests and guides! :)

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