Valorant Mobile could be released this summer on iOS and Android!


The world of mobile gaming is booming at the moment! Many games, more and more qualitative, are being released on iOS and Android. After the announcement of Battle Royale Apex Legends on mobilethis is Valorant Mobile which could be presented as soon as this summer 2021!


First anniversary of Valorant and release on multiple platforms?

The popular FPS from Riot GamesStudios is just celebrating its first anniversary and a mobile version may be coming this summer. The game was released in June 2020 with a beta test for PC users. Valorant The game was actually designed to be a competitive game, for esport, which is why it is currently only available on PC. However, the game seems to be following in the footsteps of LoL with its famous Wild Rift since the developers were already thinking of adapting the game to consoles and phones in 2020. The console version has already been announced as being in preparation:

However, Riot Games studios wanted to focus on their initial version, the PC version of Valorant, beforehand. Indeed, during this year, they proposed many new features in the game. As well as notable improvements (maps, agents and coach slots). Therefore, we understand that the game is not yet available on other platforms, as the developers want to offer the best possible experience for their first version of Valorant.

The latest information on the possible release of Valorant Mobile

According to some sources,Valorant Mobile is already in development. The game is said to be designed to be adapted to Android and iOS. According to PLAYERIGN, the official announcement may be made at this year's E3 event.
Gamers have also discovered lines of code for a potential Valorant Mobile in 2020. This news suggests that the studio is working on a mobile version of Valorant. For the moment, no confirmation has been given by the developers.

We'll be back very soon if we get any new information! In the meantime, let us know in the comments what you think of Valorant Mobile!

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