Moonrise Update for The Battle of Polytopia has arrived

The Battle of Polytopia Maj Moonrise

A new day has dawned for The Battle of Polytopia and it's not the sun that shines high in the sky, but the moon, as the Moonrise Update has arrived on mobile. For those who are not familiar with this game, it is a 4X game: Explore, Extand, Exploit, Exterminate. It's one of our favourites and even made it into our top 10 mobile strategy games. Halfway between a strategy game and a management game, The Battle of Polytopia stands out for its dynamism and the simplicity of its instinctive interface. Available on PC (Steam), but also on mobile (iOS and Android), the new update promises even more exciting games.

This Moonrise update for The Battle of Polytopia includes matchmaking changes, new map settings and a brand new game mode.

After landing on Steam, the update has also arrived on mobile.

The main changes of the Moonrise update on The Battle of Polytopia

⚔️ Matchmaking: with the latest update, mobile players will now also have access to multiplayer matchmaking. Playing against Artificial Intelligences allows you to start well and progress little by little. It's okay for a while, but after a while nothing beats conquering and playing against real players. Less predictable and above all more human, they give a tastier taste to the victory. With this update, The Battle of Polytopia also allows "mirror" matches. This means you can play against someone who has chosen the same civilisation as you. In this case, the excuse of a bad match-up no longer exists, only skill counts.

The Battle of Polytopia MAJ Moonrise
You also have to like this kind of graphics.

Maps: Maps also get a lot of new features with this update. First of all, conquerors with an ogre's appetite will be served. A new card size has been introduced with Moonrise. The "Massive" size offers even more squares (900 tiles) to discover and space to manage. In addition, new settings have been added with options to customise your maps. You can now choose the settings: Desert, Lake, Continent, Archipelago and Water World. Obviously, this is not just a cosmetic choice. There are real consequences on the strategies to adopt in-game.

🧩 Creative game mode : no, The Battle of Polytopia has not turned into Fortnite 2.0 with the Moonrise update. However, a creative game mode allows you to quietly build your civilization without pressure. There are no enemies and it's an opportunity to freely test some strategies.

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