Top mobile games for containment

top of the best mobile games for containment

Instead of getting bored and sharing the same memes for the hundredth time, play the top mobile games for confinement instead. We've put together our selection to make it easy for you. You're welcome.

The best mobile games for relaxing

With all the stress we have to endure in this time of health crisis, some more calm games would not hurt. That's why I've decided to start this selection with some thought-provoking titles. Can't wait to see what we think are the best mobile games for containment? Let's get started!

grey independent game from nomada screenshot
Screenshot de Gris

In terms of poetry, Gris is a little indie gem that will delight your senses and move you. It's an imaginary journey into the mind of a young girl with a penchant for the world of dreams. Between platforming and small puzzles, you will never be rushed by this title that invites contemplation. Gris is now available on iOS and on Android for about 5 euros.

monument valley 2 the mobile puzzle game
Screenshot of Monument Valley 2

Always in poetry, Monument Valley 2 is a beautiful example of a dreamlike universe. It's a puzzle game that plays with unthinkable geometry to get your brain working. Whether played alone or with the family, this game will delight everyone and is sure to provide a sense of accomplishment with each completed level. Plus, you can get Monument Valley 2 for free right now!

alto's odyssey screenshot of the mobile sliding game
Screenshot of Alto's Odyssey

In a different but no less sumptuous graphic universe, Alto's Odyssey is a sliding game where you can do tricks and earn bonuses.
Like Gris, Monument Valley 2 or most of the games mentioned in this selection, Alto's Odyssey is a game that can be played offline and is therefore an ideal choice if you are in a corner of the world with mobile coverage worthy of an endless tunnel. And yes, there's no way to move during the lockdown so we're thinking of you!

the room mobile puzzle game for containment
Screenshot of an episode of The Room

One of the more challenging mobile puzzle games is The Room series. The Room is a mobile game from Fireproof Games that features complex puzzles with beautiful 3D graphics. The first episode of The Room is available on the Google Playstore and Appstore for only 1 euro. User reviews speak for themselves: the game is a success that will force you to rack your brains constantly.

Limbo Trailer

Limbo is a black and whiteplatformer from Playdead studio set in a world that will appeal to Tim Burton fans. Check out the trailer above to get an idea. You can buy Limbo on theAppstore or the Google Playstore for about 5 euros.

Free plague inc game for containment
Screenshot of Plague Inc.

On a selection of the best mobile games for Covid-19 related containment, how can we not mention Plague Inc. For those of you who don't know Plague Inc. it's a mobile game where the goal is to infect the entire human race country after country by buying upgrades to its virus and making strategic decisions.

So what better time than a pandemic to play this globally successful game? Plague Inc. is available for free on the Playstore and for 0.99 euros on the Appstore.

lifeline mobile narrative game for containment
Screenshots of Lifeline

To conclude this selection of more sedate games, I propose Lifeline. Lifeline is a game from 3Minute Games written by the author of The Wolf Among Us. It is a real-time narrative game where you can influence the destiny of an astronaut lost in space by communicating with him by messages.

Beware, some answers may take several hours to reach you in notification! Lifeline is a mobile game that can be found on the Appstore and Playstore for 1.09 euros. Don't worry for the non-bilinguals, the game is available in French 😉

Our more muscular selection

To continue with this top of the best mobile games for confinement, why not talk about more dynamic titles? On the menu: strategy, blood, skills and magic.

the pascals wager screenshot a dark souls on iphone
Screenshot of Pascal's Wager on iPhone

Pascal's Wager (on iOS) is a Dark Souls-like game with great ambitions and a must-have title if you like playing on iOS. Beware though, for handling reasons, it's best to play it with a controller. Find the dark RPG Pascal's Wager on Appstore for 7.99 euros.

eternium mobile game hack'n slash
Screenshot of Eternium

On the other hand, if you enjoy beating up monsters, you should think about getting a hack'n slash. No question of dying like in Dark Souls, but rather of eliminating entire shordes of enemies without flinching. So Eternium seems to me to be a good option for you.

Fans of Torchlight 3 or Diablo, you won't be confused. Eternium also offers Hack'n slash but on Android and iOS for free.

kingdom rush tower defense on mobile
Screenshot of Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense mobile game, which means it is best suited to patient players who like strategy. In fact, it was so successful that it was also released as a board game by Lucky Duck Games following a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Check it out for free on Android or iOS. And, if you prefer the apocalypse theme, try a good old Plants vs Zombies, also free.

And that's it, that's the end of our top mobile games for confinement. As you may have noticed, these are exclusively single player games. I'll try to do one for multiplayer mobile games next time, so you can play with friends too!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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