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TFT Patch 12.19: new changes for dragons

TFT Patch 12.19: new changes for dragons

After a patch 12.18 to roughly correct the set 7.5 arrival, Riot Games refines the meta balancing with the TFT patch 12.19. Let's discover all the changes of this update with many buffs, nerfs and adjustments on champions, traits, augments and items. Once again, dragons are the focus of these changes, both for units and traits.

TFT patch 12.19: traits changes

Let's start the changes of this TFT patch 12.19 with the traits. We note mainly the Dracomancers buff and the Scalescorn rework, which can now be played with Dragons, while Astral units will be less easy to get in orbs.

TFT patch 12.19: Tyrant Swain

Traits buffs

TraitsTFT patch 12.19 traits buffs
Dragonmancer Icon TFT Trait
The HP bonus increases from 250/600/800/1000 to 275/650/850/1000 and the AP bonus from 18/30/50/70 to 20/35/50/70.
Dragon Icon TFT trait
The 10% attack speed bonus is replaced by a 40 HP per second regeneration bonus. The 6 dragons bonus causes them to ascend.
Jade Icon TFT line
The attack speed bonus increases from 10/25/45/88% to 10/30/55/88%.
Mirage Icon TFT Trait
Electrical damage increases from 8% to 9% HP.
Swiftshot Icon TFT Trait
The attack speed bonus increases from 10/15/25/35% to 10/15/25/40%.

Traits nerfs

TraitsTFT patch 12.19 traits nerfs
Astral Icon TFT Trait
The first star levels offer more gold coins and fewer Astral units, which makes it more complicated to upgrade them in stage 2.
Ragewing Icon TFT Trait
The omnivampirism bonus is reduced from 15/30/50/75% to 15/30/45/75%.
Mage TFT Icon
The multiplication bonus increases from 80/110/140/170% to 80/105/135/170% power.

Traits adjustments

TraitsAdjustments to TFT features in patch 12.19
Scalescorn Icon TFT Trait
Scalescorn champions can now be played with Dragons while retaining their trait bonus. The damage reduction bonus is reduced from 20% to 15%, and the damage bonus from 15/50/100% to 15/50/90%.

TFT patch 12.19: champions changes

On the side of the champions in the TFT patch 12.19, we notice in particular that Zeri and several Dragons are buffs, Seraphine undergoes a big nerf, while Jayce ans Nilah benefit from a rework.

Champion buffs

ChampionsTFT patch 12.19 champion buffs
Gnar Champion TFT Icon
Its attack speed increases from 0.65 to 0.7 and its armor increases from 40/50/75 to 40/60/90 when it transforms.
Hecarim Champion TFT icon
His mana goes from 60/105 to 30/90.
Nilah Champion TFT Icon
His shield flight is no longer permanent. It now lasts 4 seconds and can be cumulative.
Shi Oh Yu Champion TFT Icon
Shi Oh Yu
His spell damage increases from 250/275/1000% to 250/300/1000% of his attack damage.
Icon Swain Dragon Tyrant Champion TFT
The damage of his spell increases from 70/100/600 to 85/120/600.
Sy'fen Champion TFT icon
Its mana is reduced from 100/175 to 90/160 and its armor penetration is improved from 25% to 33%.
Volibear Champion TFT icon
The damage of his spell increases from 125/175/240 to 130/185/250.
Zeri Champion TFT Icon
His mana increases from 40/80 to 20/70 and his spell damage increases from 200/300/475 to 225/325/475.
Zippy Champion TFT Icon
The damage of his spell increases from 400/425/550% to 400/425/600%.

Champions Nerfs

ChampionsTFT patch 12.19 champions nerfs
Aurelion Sol Champion TFT icon
Aurelion Sol
His spell damages decreases from 350/575/4000 to 370/600/4000.
Lee Sin Champion TFT icon
Lee Sin
His spell damages is reduced from 230/300/385 to 215/285/385.
Rakan Champion TFT Icon
His mana increases from 0/60 to 15/75.
Icon Seraphine Champion TFT
His shield duration is reduced from 5 to 4 seconds, his spell damage per hit from 20/35/100 to 20/35/70 and his mana increases from 75/150 to 100/175.
Xayah Champion TFT Icon
Feather damage is reduced from 15/20/60 to 13/20/60.
Icon Zyra Champion TFT
His attack speed is reduced from 0.7 to 0.65 and his spell damage from 325/425/550 to 225/325/550, but his spell animation is no longer interrupted.

Champion adjustments

ChampionsTFT patch 12.19 champions adjustments
Ao Shin Champion TFT Icon
Ao Shin
His spell damage drops from 185/300/2000 to 185/275/2000, but his lightning damage increases from 20/20/20 to 20/20/100.
Icon Jayce Champion TFT
His armor and magic resist are reduced from 50 to 25, while the transformation, his spell damage increases from 225/300/800 to 275/350/900. His spell no longer stuns enemies, but Jayce gains a 45 bonus to armor and magic resist.
Nunu Champion TFT icon
Its damage bonus against targets with less HP increases from 20% to 40%, but no longer deals gross damage.

TFT patch 12.19: Augments changes

The Augments are also undergoing some adjustments with TFT patch 12.19. The most impactful changes are probably the increase in the duration of the Sunfire Board bonus and the Augments move Future Sight and Pandora's Bench from tier Gold to tier Silver.

Augments buffs

AugmentsTFT patch 12.19 augments buffs
Scoped Weapons TFT Icon
Scoped Weapons
The attack speed bonus is improved from 10% to 15%.
Birthday Present TFT Icon
Birthday Present
Now gives a gold coin for each level passage.
Sunfire Board icon Augment
Solar tray
The duration of the bonus increases from 15 to 20 seconds.
TFT Icon Battlemage
The power bonus is increased from 10/20/30 to 15/25/35.
Tiamat Icon Augment
Splash damage is increased from 40% to 50%.
Future Sight Icon Augment
Future Sight
The Augment increase goes from Gold to Silver.

Augments nerfs

AugmentsTFT patch 12.19 augments nerfs
Celestial Blessing Icon 3 Augment
Celestial Blessing
The shield is reduced from 300/450/600 to 250/250/450.
Base Camp TFT Icon
Base camp
The bonus damage per hit is reduced from 8% to 7%.

Augments adjustments

AugmentsTFT patch 12.19 Augments adjustments
Pandora bench icon Augment
Pandora's Bench
The augment is upgraded from Gold to Silver and the gold coin bonus is reduced from 7 to 2.
Dragonmancer Conference TFT Icon
Dragonmancer Conference
The augment can only appear in 2-1.
Binary Airdrop Icon Augment
Binary Airdrop
Shyvana, Jax and Jayce no longer hold ranged damage items.
Better Together icon Augment
Better Together
Gives a Locket of the Iron Solari instead of a Protector's Vow.

TFT patch 12.19: items changes

To finish with the TFT patch 12.19 changes, very few items are affected with only a buff of the Gargoyle Stoneplate and two nerfs of the Protector's Vow and Ornn's Rocket-Propelled Fist item.

Item buffs

ItemsTFT patch 12.19 item buffs
Gargoyle Stoneplate TFT Icon Items
Gargoyle Stoneplate
The regeneration bonus increases from 1% to 2% of HP.

Item Nerfs

ItemsTFT patch 12.19 item nerfs
Rocket-Propelled Fist TFT Icon
Rocket-Propelled Fist
The HP bonus is reduced from 300 to 150.
Protector's Vow TFT Icon
Protector's Vow
The shield is reduced from 20% to 10% of HP.

That's it for the TFT patch 12.19 changes. Hopefully, these adjustments will eliminate some of the compositions abuse, even if they may simply be replaced by others. In particular, we can expect new compositions with Dragons and Scalescorn, now able to team up while keeping their bonuses. And to stay on top of the game, check out our TFT tips page for tips and tricks.

Alco A fan of video games, SF, comics, cinema and new technologies, he is a bit of a geek cliché, but he assumes it.

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