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TFT patch 13.12: Runeterra Reforged set 9 arrival

TFT patch 13.12: Runeterra Reforged set 9 arrival

After the disastrous debut of Set 9 on the test servers, TFT patch 13.12 marks the official arrival of this new set, with the addition of Ryze portals and legends. Let's take a look at all the changes in this update, which kicks off the new Runeterra Reforged season, which will run until December 2023.

Changes to the game system

In addition to the new TFT Set 9 Traits, the TFT patch 13.12 releaseallows players around the world to discover the new features of Set 9, including two important elements: Ryze portals and legends.

Portals are rules modifiers that make the game even more unique, while legends provide you with specific types of augments. To find out more about the effects of the 30 portals and the augments associated with the 15 legends, check out our detailed guide.

The arrival of portals in TFT patch 13.12 of set 9

To limit access to legendary units, the experience levels required to reach levels 6, 7, 8 and 9 have been increased by 4 experience points. In addition, the basic damage inflicted on the tactician in phase 4 has been increased from 4 to 5, which should prevent players from abusing the series of defeats to climb quickly to level 9.

Note that this TFT patch 13.12 also modifies end-of-battle overtime, which now offer a movement speed bonus to units and multiply their attack damage by 1.5.

TFT patch 13.12: augments changes

With the release of TFT patch 13.12, we also discover the new set of augments, with only 36 optimizations retained, plus the 240 TFT set 9 augments. Here are all the changes to the existing optimizations.

AugmentsTFT patch 13.12 augments changes
Ancient Archives Icon Augment
Ancient Archives I
Bonus gold coins reduced from 4 to 2.
Ancient Archives II icon Augment TFT patch 13.12
Ancient Archives II
Bonus gold coins reduced from 8 to 3.
Rich Get Richer Icon Augment
Rich Get Richer
Bonus gold coins reduced from 12 to 11.
Icon Rich Get Richer Augment TFT
Rich Get Richer +
Bonus gold coins reduced from 20 to 18.
Jeweled Lotus Icon Augment
Jeweled Lotus
Critical hit chance drops from 15% to 10%.
March of Progress Icon Augment
March of Progress
Experience point gain increases from 4 to 8.
Level Up icon! Augment TFT patch 13.12
Level Up!
Initial experience point bonus reduced from 11 to 4.
Cruel Pact Icon Augment
Cruel Pact
Buying experience points costs 5 VP instead of 6, but you get 2 VP per turn instead of 3.
Built Different icon Augment TFT patch 13.12
Built Different II
The HP bonus is reduced from 190/355 to 175/340 and attack speed from 40/70 to 35/65.
Built Different III icon Augment
Built Different III
The HP bonus is reduced from 250/600 to 240/570 and the attack speed from 45/85 to 40/70.

TFT patch 13.12: item changes

On the item side, only two items undergo changes with TFT patch 13.12. Due to the large number of shields in set 9, the damage boost of Guardbreaker has been reduced from 30 to 25, while Spear of Shojin now offers only 5 mana per attack instead of 20. We also note that the Elder Dragon now offers an item anvil instead of a random item.

TFT patch 13.12: the elder dragon

Finally, 5 new Ornn items make their appearance in this TFT 13.12 patch:

  • Blacksmith's Gloves: each turn, the wearer gains 2 random Ornn items.
  • Hullcrusher: you gain 30 armor, magic resistance and 30% attack speed, plus 600 HP if the champion starts the fight without an adjacent ally.
  • Deathfire Grasp: gains 50 power and 30 mana. At the start of combat, the champion marks its target and inflicts damage equal to 20% of its maximum HP. For the first 6 seconds, the unit inflicts an additional 25% damage and 50% to the marked enemy.
  • Sniper’s Focus: you gain 15 power, 15% damage and 40% attack speed. The champion also gains a 10% damage bonus per square of distance from the target.
  • Trickster’s Glass: the wearer creates a clone with 70% of max HP and 20% additional max mana. You also gain 15 armor and magic resistance, as well as 15% critical strike chance and attack speed.

That's all for the new features and changes in TFT patch 13.12. For more information on all the subtleties of TFT Set 9, please consult our detailed guides on the TFT tips page.

Alco A fan of video games, SF, comics, cinema and new technologies, he is a bit of a geek cliché, but he assumes it.

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