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TFT patch 12.18: all buffs, nerfs and adjustments

TFT patch 12.18: all buffs, nerfs and adjustments

After the set 7.5 arrival in the previous update, the TFT patch 12.18 makes its appearance on the live servers this week. It allows to make adjustments to balance the numerous additions of the 12.17 patch. Let's discover all the changes of this update with many buffs, nerfs and adjustments on champions, traits, augments and items.

TFT patch 12.18: traits changes

Let's start with the TFT patch 12.18 changes by the traits. We note the buffs of the Mage's bonus and the item's buff Shimmerscale, while the Astral trait has been modified again in the orbs' functioning.

Traits buffs

TraitsTFT patch 12.18 traits buffs
Mage TFT Icon
The second spell damage increases from 75/100/125/150% to 75/110/145/180% of power.
Shimmerscale Icon TFT Trait
The bonuses granted by the items Shimmerscale are increased.

Traits nerfs

TraitsTFT patch 12.18 traits nerfs
Cannoneer Icon TFT Trait
The attack damage bonus of cannonballs is reduced from 150/300/475% to 150/250/450%.
Dragonmancer Icon TFT Trait
HP and power bonuses decrease from 250/600/900/1200 to 250/600/800/1000 and from 18/30/50/75 to 18/30/50/70 respectively.
Ragewing Icon TFT Trait
The attack speed bonus is increased from 50/100/175/250% to 50/100/150/250%.
Scalescorn Icon TFT Trait
Magic damage bonus is reduced from 15/50/115% to 15/50/100%.

Traits adjustments

TraitsTFT patch 12.18 traits adjustments
Astral Icon TFT Trait
Duplicate Astral Champions will no longer count towards the star count for Astral Orbs. The quality of rewards increases with each star level and components and full items may appear earlier in the game.

TFT patch 12.18 : champions changes

On the champion side, this TFT patch 12.18 is a bit more eventful with many buffs, especially for the champions recently introduced with the set 7.5, as well as the Daeja rework and Nunu nerf.

Champion buffs

ChampionsTFT patch 12.18 champion buffs
Aurelion Sol Champion TFT icon
Aurelion Sol
The damage bonus of the ascension increases from 15% to 20% and the damage of its spell from 325/550/4000 to 350/575/4000.
Jax Champion TFT Icon
His armor and magic resistance are improved from 40 to 45.
Icon Kai'Sa Champion TFT
The damage of his spell increases from 35/55/75 to 40/60/85.
Karma Champion TFT icon
The damage of his spell increases from 210/280/350 to 210/280/420.
Nasus Champion TFT Icon
The damage of his spell increases from 225/350/550 to 225/350/650 and the healing from 70/100/170 to 70/100/185.
Sett Champion TFT icon
The spell damage bonus increases from 150/155/160% to 150/155/170%.
Shi Oh Yu Champion TFT Icon
Shi Oh Yu
The spell damage bonus is increased from 230/250/1000% to 250/275/1000% and the damage reduction from 15/20/50% to 20/25/50%.
Sohm Champion TFT icon
The blast damage of his spell increases from 275/375/1500 to 300/420/1500.
Icon Swain Dragon Tyrant Champion TFT
Healing increases from 11% to 12% of the missing HPs.
Volibear Champion TFT icon
The spell damage increases from 110/155/215 to 125/175/240.
Wukong Champion TFT Icon
The damage bonus of his spell increases from 165/180/195% to 185/200/230%.
Icon Zac Champion TFT
The healing of his spell is improved from 200/220/270 to 220/250/300.
Zeri Champion TFT Icon
The spell damage increases from 160/240/420 to 200/300/475.
Zippy Champion TFT Icon
Its attack damage is increased from 80 to 85.

Champions Nerfs

ChampionsTFT patch 12.18 champions nerfs
Aphelios Champion TFT Icon
Its attack speed drops from 0.75 to 0.7.
Lee Sin Champion TFT icon
Lee Sin
His mana increases from 30/80 to 30/90.
Nunu Champion TFT icon
The damage boost threshold is reduced from 33% to 20% and is no longer cumulative with Giant Slayer.

Champion adjustments

ChampionsTFT patch 12.18 champions adjustments
Daeja Champion TFT icon
After the champion's rework, Daeja has 20 attack damage and his passive damage is reduced from 40/60/180 to 25/40/150.
Icon Lux Champion TFT
The damage of his spell decreases from 350/425/575 to 325/400/525, but his animation is triggered more quickly.

TFT patch 12.18: Augments changes

The Augments also undergoes several changes in this TFT patch 12.18, with the buffs of some new optimizations, but also the Weakspot and RIcochet nerfs.

Augments buffs

AugmentsTFT patch 12.18 Augments buffs
Pandora bench icon Augment
Pandora's Bench
The number of gold coins increases from 5 to 7.
Cutthroat Icon Augment
Mana theft is increased from 50% to 65%.
Dragon Imperialist Icon TFT Feature
Dragon Imperialist
The execution bonus is improved from 15% to 18%.
Hero in training icon Augments TFT
Dracomancers bonus increases from 50% to 66%.
Lucky Gloves Icon Augments TFT
Lucky Gloves
Now gives full items, even before level 7. Weaker options have been removed to improve the average power of the items.
Verdant Veil Icon Augment
Verdant Veil
Immunity to crowd control is increased from 15 to 20 seconds.

Augments nerfs

AugmentsTFT patch 12.18 Augments Nerfs
Ricochet Icon Augment
Ricochet damage reduction is increased from 33% to 40%.
Weak Spot Icon Augment
The armor penetration bonus is reduced from 20% to 10%.

TFT patch 12.18: items changes

To finish with the TFT changes update, the only item to undergo a change is the Last Whisper, whose armor penetration bonus drops from 60% to 50%.

TFT patch 12.18: Ocean's secret

That's it for the buffs, nerfs, and adjustments to champions, traits, items, and augments in TFT patch 12.18. To discover our tips and progress on the game, I invite you to consult our guides on the TFT tips page.

Alco A fan of video games, SF, comics, cinema and new technologies, he is a bit of a geek cliché, but he assumes it.

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