The Sword of Convallaria JRPG is finally coming to mobile on 31 July!

Release of Sword of Convallaria on 31 July

The eagerly-awaited new JRPG inspired by Final Fantasy and Octopath Traveler (no less!) hits Android and iOS stores on 31 July. Published by XD International, the publishers and developers behind TapTap, Sword of Convallaria promises to revisit a genre that has been heavily represented in recent years. If this promise makes you dream, you can still test the game during its closed beta scheduled for 27 June.

The JRPG genre will be revisited on 31 July with Sword of Convallaria

It's hard to renew a genre such as the JRPG, which is underpinned by historic licences such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Persona and even Pokémon. But that's exactly what Sword of Convallaria promises, with a 2D isometric turn-based tactical RPG. It's hard not to mention the pixel-art DA, enhanced by a much more modern 3D rendering that brings a touch of freshness to the genre.

Sword of Convallaria pixel art

XD International has brought in some of the biggest names in JRPGs to work on its brand new title, including Hitoshi Sakimoto, the composer behind the Final Fantasy Tactics and FFXII soundtracks, as well as voice over artists used to working on video games, such as Inoue Kazuhiko (FFVII: Ever Crisis, Nioh 2, FFXV..), and Takua Eguchi (The Legend of Heroes, Prince of Stride...).

Characters in Sword of Convallaria

Nostalgic fans will appreciate the old-school gameplay of the old Final Fantasy, enriched by more innovative mechanics inspired by Octopath Traveler, among others. Battles, which are at the heart of the gameplay, will require you to use strategy to place your heroes effectively on the grid, but also to use the terrain to your advantage to win the battle.

Sword of Convallaria, a gacha where your choices have consequences

In this JRPG, you take on the role of a mercenary whose aim is to recruit a team of heroes to save the world of Iria, which is in the grip of enemy factions intent on seizing its natural resources. So far, it's a pretty standard scenario. Sword of Convallaria will unsurprisingly be a gacha in which you have to collect the best mercenaries to overcome the challenges awaiting you, develop them by teaching them skills, improve their equipment... In short, familiar mechanics.

Grid in Sword of Convallaria

In this new title from XD International, every decision you make will have an impact on the story and on the development of Iria, the city you must defend. Depending on the relationships you build and the skills you use, the storyline will change for the better, or for the worse! So you'll need to think carefully about all your actions, to achieve the most positive ending possible.

Closed beta on 27 June and pre-registration for Sword of Convallaria

If you're excited about the game and can't wait until 31 July to try it out, you can access its latest closed beta. The recruitment schedule runs from 13 June to 24 June, and the beta will take place from 27 June to 4 July. Register on the official Sword of Convallaria website if you want to take part!

Fighting in Sword of Convallaria

In the meantime, you can also take advantage of pre-registration, and benefit from rewards as soon as the game is released, including Elysium coins (the game's currency), invocations and XP.

Sword of Convallaria icon
Sword of Convallaria Pre-registrations

As a reminder, Sword of Convallaria will be released on Android and iOS on July 31, as well as on PC (Steam and the official emulator offered by XD International). 

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