Preregister to Street Fighter: Duel on Android and iOS

Pre-register for Street Fighter Duel on mobile before release

You've heard about a Street Fighter game on mobile and it might interest you. But how do you pre-register for Street Fighter: Duel to avoid missing its release? We tell you everything in this article: release date, pre-registration and gameplay possibilities... The game will have no more secrets for you. This way, you will easily know if you should join the hype community or wait for a future Street Fighter release on mobile.

The game is now available on Android and iOS and you can continue to play Street Fighter: Duel on PC when you get home without losing your savegame, for added convenience.

How to pre-register for Street Fighter: Duel?

Pre-registration for Street Fighter: Duel opened on January 31, 2023, but how can you pre-register for the game now? By going through the official website of the game or the Crunchyroll Games website, you may be blocked if you are in certain regions of the world. So you have to use a direct link to the application stores according to your OS and connect your account to this store if it is not already done. And that's it, you can now pre-register for Street Fighter: Duel on Android and iOS.

Street Fighter Duel logo

With over 500,000 interested players already, pre-registration for the game is well underway. The more players who sign up, the more rewards launch prizes will be available. So don't miss the opportunity to pre-register for Street Fighter: Duel before the game is released! This little free bonus will give you a head start on the others at the beginning of your account. In a gacha RPG, this is essential!

How to pre-register to Street Fighter Duel on Android and iOS

If you already know the principle of SFD with its light strategy, its RPG systems and its rewards idle, let's go straight to the heart of the matter. If not, go to the bottom of this article for more details about the gameplay.

Street Fighter: Duel release date

The Street Fighter: Duel release date is globally known and expected soon. Even if there was no official statement from the studio about it, we can already make some assumptions. First of all, we know that the release date should be in February. Moreover, this seems to be confirmed by the opening of the pre-registrations that indicate a forthcoming launch.

Street Fighter Duel release in Europe

So we can assume that Street Fighter: Duel will be released in the next 15 days, before the beginning of March. You only have a short time to pre-register, so take advantage of it! By the way, the game from A PLUS Japan was already talked about on in 2021 for its release announcement.

General gameplay of SFD RPG

You've gone through this simple process to pre-register for Street Fighter Duel and you want to know what to expect in-game. Fans of the license will not be disappointed. Indeed, the iconic locations of the license and memorable characters from the Street Fighter games all come together for Duel. The title describes itself as a strategic card game with a bit of idle.

Yet, it looks more like a classic gacha RPG: each character has unique skills that can create combos with the other fighters in your team. Then, simply choose between automatic and manual mode to get through the toughest fights of Ken and Ryu's journey in Street Fighter: Duel. As soon as the game is released, embark on a Fighting Tournament adventure.

In side view, the game reveals full PvP and PvE modes with a healthy dose of challenge. Progress through the story and uncover a conspiracy as you create your ideal team of heroes when Street Fighter: Duel comes to mobile. Get ready for the game's launch in February.


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