Street Fighter Duel to be released worldwide soon

Street Fighter Duel released worldwide

It's finally confirmed, the mobile game Street Fighter Duel is preparing for its global release. Currently only available in China,Tencent's ARPG released in 2019 will arrive on Android and iOS in our European countries and the rest of the world. Announcement, gameplay and release date... Here is the latest news on Street Fighter Duel and its worldwide release.

Update: This is it, the game is out, so go ahead and play Street Fighter: Duel on PC for maximum comfort in addition to continuing your mobile progress Android and iOS.

Street Fighter Duel release in Europe
Street Fighter Duel: The worldwide release!

Street Fighter Duel worldwide release: New features and hypothetical dates

As a reminder, the SFD mobile game has been in the news since its launch in 2019 in China. In this opus from the Street Fighter series, players can create their own team of three fighters and must face numerous opponents. Each of the playable characters has their own unique abilities, which are necessary to fight against enemies and other teams of players.

30 Street Fighters are available to fight, depending on the game mode and using their costumes from the Street Fighter IV title. In this mobile game, the controllable characters have been divided into different types: wind, fire, forest and even darkness. All of them are ranked according to their rarity, with more characters to be added to the game in future updates. Capcom's success in China is unstoppable: the studio's figures stand at 719 million euros earned this year with Street Fighter Duel, Resident Evil 3 and Monster Hunter Rise.

Capcom and Tencent, in partnership, surprised us today. They announced the worldwide release of Street Fighter Duel in the context of the North American East event of the Capcom Pro Tour. A desire to expand their game into the market, seeing the value of conquering Asia, Oceania, Africa, the US and Europe. However, they have not yet given any official release date. It is possible that the title will be released worldwide next year. But this is only an assumption based on the translation time of the games.

SFD characters
Street Fighter Duel, the characters

We'll be back soon to keep you updated! In the meantime, you can follow the news directly on the Capcom Twitter account!

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