Mobile soft launch for Warhammer: Odyssey

Warhammer Odyssey soft Launch iOS Android

Virtual Realms has announced the soft launch Warhammer Odyssey on iOS and Android. The MMO has taken its time to arrive on our mobiles and players should be happy to finally have something concrete. Announced since 2019, the community has been waiting patiently for the regional test phases to evolve.

This global soft launch came with the patch 1.0.3. There are no more geographical restrictions and everyone should have access to the game from now on. For the occasion, the developers have added the two new worlds of Manann and Ranald.

A choice of 6 types of adventurers

Warhammer: Odyssey gives you a choice of 6 adventurer classes. Each class has natural strengths and weaknesses. However, there is no such thing as fate and depending on your preferences, you can fill different roles.

  • Dwarves (Engineers): Engineer dwarves are skilled craftsmen, capable of building powerful weapons of war. They can build turrets that are useful both offensively and defensively.
  • Dwarves (fighters): These dwarves are real bulldozers on the battlefield.
  • High elves (warriors): armed with elven blades or bows, high elves are skilled and effective in quick strikes.
  • High elves (archmages): they use their magic to strike enemies in the area or support their allies.
  • Humans (Witch Hunters): Humans who have an arsenal of weapons and a great deal of flexibility in their gameplay.
  • Humans (warrior priests): they love to be in the middle of the battle to tank or help their allies.
soft launch Warhammer Odyssey: High Elf Archimages

Soft launch Warhammer Odyssey, beware of bugs!

With the soft launch Warhammer Odyssey, the game is going into the deep end and we can expect to find new bugs, which have passed through the regional test phases. The studio is not hiding from this and is asking its community to send back the problems to fix them as soon as possible.

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