Announcement of the mobile game Seven Six by NetEase, an open-world to explore on a skateboard

Announcing Netease's Seven Six game on Android and iOS for pre-registration

The best open-world games on mobile offer a wide variety of universes and NetEase intends to add its game Seven Six to this list with a unique atmosphere both street and traditional. Gain verticality in the streets of virtual China with this new Android and iOS title currently in pre-registration. Scheduled for a Chinese release, Seven Six should also arrive on PC with its splendid graphics.

Gameplay of Seven Six mobile announcement

New Seven Six mobile game with a temporary name

NetEase may make convincing clones, such as HyperFront, which clearly took over the essential elements of Valorant before its closure, but the publisher also knows how to publish original licenses. As gamers prepare for the gradual launch of the Fall Guys-like Eggy Party, NetEase unveils its street and graffiti RPG called Seven Six. In a lively anime universe, roam the nooks and crannies of an open-world from your skateboard and experience the colorful and mysterious streets of Seven Six.

Seven Six's gorgeous, fast-paced trailer reveals some major characters as well as a bit of ride and parkour gameplay in the streets. We also see some combat in neon virtual environments.

An open-world street, skateboard and graffiti

Between street ride and puzzle, the game manages to create a rather unique look inspired by traditional Chinese culture and a mix of urban culture, reminiscent of some old League of Legends cinematics. For the moment, we don't know much about NetEase's mobile game Seven Six except that it is currently in pre-registration with a WeChat QR code on its official website and will be released in China in the coming months.

Pre-register for Seven Six, the mobile game from NetEase

Pre-registering for Seven Six gives you the chance to participate in the next phases of test . While waiting for the global release of this ride and action open-world, you can discover many other great open-world games on your phone.

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