Eggy Party release - a competitive multiplayer game from NetEase

Eggy Party released on Android by NetEase

If the success of Fall Guys' Beans is no longer to be proven, it has certainly inspired the release of Eggy Party soon to come on Android. The beans are replaced by eggs that are not afraid of the cold in dangerous courses with cartoon decorations, all topped off with a competitive multiplayer game formula. Let's find out Eggy Party, its release date and where to download it for the soft launch of this title from NetEase. It's up to you to be the best egg in the box!

Beta and discovery of Eggy gameplay

As soon as it is released, Eggy Party intends to confirm the expectations of its beta testers by offering them a casual party game full of mini-games and action. On rough terrain, avoid obstacles and try to finish first in the race. Use simple controls to maneuver between obstacles with your jump, run and roll. The competitive multiplayer mode reduces the number of players in each phase. Only one Eggy will win the game.

Inspired by Fall Guys, Eggy Party will have you hurtling down obstacle-laden slopes(Downhill) or avoiding tsunamis of eggs(Duck Egg) while playing as an egg character yourself. I let you watch the trailer of the game below.

Indeed, in this adventure full of twists and turns in each game, you play as a little eggy hero customizable among the basic characters of the game. Here is the list of the 10 available Eggy presented on the official website:

  • Eggy Knight: Fiery Volcano ;
  • Every & Body;
  • Eggybot;
  • Meggical Girl;
  • Dr. Frankeggstein;
  • Nutdriver;
  • Cowie;
  • Faraday;
  • Hammerhead;
  • Dogeggy.

These characters should be customizable, like your Bean in Fall Guys, I imagine. Entirely based on the physics of scrambling between eggs, the Eggy Party release will bring several game modes, some of which will be temporary. Unfortunately, we regret that the game didn't launch at Easter for perfect timing.

Creator Recruitment event with the Eggy Party Workshop

In parallel to the Eggy Party release, NetEase is planning an event to recruit creators internationally during the early access phase of the game and create engagement from the mobile community. The goal of the event for creators will be to imagine their own maps with the integrated tool and share them on social networks with their audience.

Workshop Creator Recruitment Event Eggy Party

But this is not only for influencers. Indeed, all players can use the Eggy Workshop to invent unique maps and think up new game modes.

Since the Eggy Party beta, players have given us great feedback on the workshop experience with some very original creations that have changed the course of the game. You can register for the Creator Recruitment Event via this form regardless of your current country of residence.

Eggy Party release date

Download links for Eggy Party are not yet available. However, it shouldn't take long for the game to open to the world as Eggy Party's release date is scheduled for April 21 in some regions on Android phones.

This week, we learn that the global release of Eggy Party will start in the Philippines before launching in additional countries whose order has not yet been announced.

Eggy Party Android iOS release date

The game will be released immediately with translations into French, English, Chinese and many other languages upon its release. After a test phase in January in England and the Netherlands, it will be interesting to see how the Eggy Party release will go, knowing that Stumble Guys is already very well positioned on this niche of games like Fall Guys on mobile.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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