Project M: what about the Valorant clone on mobile?

Project M clone Valorant

The video game market is both dynamic and uncertain. Project M is proof of this. Every year, an infinite number of newcomers try to make a place for themselves in the sun. But very few manage to break through and establish themselves in the long term, especially as it is almost impossible to discern a flop from a top. In this hyper-competitive sector, however, the first mover is often given an advantage. And Riot Games would do well to hurry up and release the mobile version of Valorant. While this is still overdue, other game publishers may be jumping at the chance to steal the show. NetEase is developing Project M, a clone Valorant which could be released before the official version.

An assumed clone status Valorant for mobile

When you watch the Project M teaser video, it's impossible to miss the similarities. We don't know how moral this story is, but in the gaming world, it's not the norm to give each other gifts. The graphics, maps, characters and even the interface are very similar to the FPS from Riot Games. At first glance, you might think that on the one hand, when you use the principle of a 5v5 FPS, it's normal to find some similarities... But it might be a bit of an abuse to find a purple hooded character who looks like two drops of water to Omen or to have used the ice wall mechanic of Sage.

It should also be added that the name "Project M" gives a good idea of the approach... Knowing that Riot Games had originally decided to call Valorant "Project A". When you're copied, it's surely a bit flattering. But we doubt that the developers will be smiling at this clone Valorant. Moreover, we are not safe from a legal action, this has already been seen in the gaming world.

Wall of Sage clone Valorant Project M

A still unclear timetable

For those interested in experiencing Project M, developers NetEase have announced several closed phases of test . It is still unclear how to get involved in the project and whether European players will have the opportunity to test the game. There is also no information about the official release date. But we can assume that it will be available before the end of the year... It has to be said that Project M will lose a lot of interest if it is released after Valorant mobile.

Edit of 18 January 2022: Project M, also called Hyper Front depending on the region, will open on 20 January in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

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