Pre-registration for Undecember opens

Pre-registration opens for Undecember, a mobile hack'n slash

Since we last shared the Undecember multiplayer trailer, the title in the works at LINE Games Corporation (publisher of Smash Legends, Cookie Run, Disney Tsum Tsum, etc.) has been rather quiet. With the opening of pre-registration for Undecember, we thought it was time for a little update and to give you the links to take part in the test phases if you are interested!

Pre-registration for Undecember: the mobile Path of Exile

It's hard not to fall under the spell of the game published by LINE. Just the showcase video below presents a gameplay both classic and timeless, inspired by the best titles of the Hack & Slash action-rpg genre. I'm thinking in particular of Diablo or Path of Exile. It must be said that if Diablo fans can't wait to finally get their hands on Diablo ImmortalUndecember could be the perfect time to do so in the coming months.

To pre-register for Undecember, simply go to Steam or Google Play and proceed in the usual way, simply agreeing to pre-register. Amidst all the pretty pictures, there is a flexible character development system with no defined class, a la Path of Exile, where every decision you make determines your play style. This playstyle will in fact be defined by your choices of equipment, upgrades, farm and crafting priorities but also runes combinations, for almost infinite possibilities.

The action takes place in the world of Traum (German for dream). The players must gain power to prevent the resurrection of the evil god Serpens.

Undecember characters during pre-registration

Undecember will also offer rich multiplayer content, with co-op modes such as Chaos Dungeon, Raid, Spire of Barrier and PvP modes such as Crusade of Glory or Guild War receiving continuous updates. As with all free-to-play games, you won't escape the eternal battle pass and its cosmetic unlock.

Undecember is scheduled for release on January 13 in Korea and the rest of the world in Q1 2022. Incidentally, the game will be released on Android, iOS and PC with controller support included and a truly portable interface on each device.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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