Alpha closed Diablo Immortal : New phase of test !


The mobile game Diablo Immortal starts a brand new phase of test before the big launch on Android and iOS!Closed Alpha testing will be run on Australian players. These users will be able to test the game without limits for several weeks!

The closed Alpha phase is launched!

This new phase of test does following the Technical Alpha. A first phase of test which took place in December 2020. Moreover, new features have already been revealed following the launch of theclosed Alpha. It is important to remember that the game content of this test phase is not final. The game is currently still in development. This time, players from Australia will have the privilege of testing this new mobile game from Blizzard.

The technical Alpha has already suggested a gameplay very similar to that of the game Diablo III. The action of the mobile game Diablo Immortal takes place a little after the death of the famous Lord of Destruction. Just like Diablo III. You will also find a multitude of characters known from Diablo II such as Akara, Flavie or even Deckard Cain. But in this new game, you will have to face THE big bad, Skarn!

So you can play as a different class of character. Depending on your choice. In the Technical Alpha, four classes were available: Monk, Witch, Barbarian and Demon Hunter. To find out if these classes remain in the game, well, you'll have to follow the Closed Alpha that started on April 21 itself. Check out the gameplay of Diablo Immortal explained by Blizzard themselves right here!

What's new at Diablo Immortal with the closed Alpha

Compared to the Technical Alpha, new features have already been noted with the Closed Alpha. Everything is much more realistic to bring the Sanctuary to life on mobile. The testers point out that the maximum attainable level has been increased from 45 to 55. In addition to this news, we learn that along with the first four classes already available, a new one is being added to the mix. The Crusader! This colossus is there to get rid of creatures from the underworld. In addition, the Necromancer class will be added very soon, it is still in development.

The Crossroads in Diablo Immortal

New locations are also available for quests and exploration. You can explore Mount Tamoe, or discover the new Mount Zavain area. A completely new dungeon has also been added. A dungeon containing a relic from a forgotten age. In the Cave of Echoes, adventurers will have to survive the deadly cold extinction to get hold of the Tear of Iceburn.

In addition, a new high-level PvE progression system is also introduced. It's called theHelliquary, aka the Infernal Reliquary. Every month, you will be able to face a new super difficult boss.

PvE Diablo Immortal
PvE Diablo Immortal

Many other new features are in progress at test for the game Diablo Immortal. And you, are you looking forward to play this new mobile game?

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