The Diablo Immortal project in Technical Alpha

alpha technique for Diablo Immortal

Little by little, the bird is making its nest. Fans had already received encouraging news from Diablo Immortal a few weeks ago with the announcement of a future regional test phase. This was unexpected, but welcome for this mobile game project announced since BlizzCon 2018 and struggling to move forward. As promised, the team Diablo Immortal did not stand still and the game will soon open in technical alpha. The pressure will be twofold on the limited number of lucky people who will be able to get their hands on the game. On the one hand, they will have to survive the stares of the many jealous players left out. On the other hand, their feedback will be very important for the development team to progress.

However, we must temper your joy and normally you should not have access to this phase of test. Only residents of Australia who have pre-registered will have this privilege. What a bummer! In addition to having koalas, kangaroos and sandy beaches, Australians will also have thetechnical alpha of Diablo Immortal. 🙁

The report of the alpha in video.

What to expect from this technical alpha Diablo Immortal ?

Diablo Immortal should appeal to fans of the franchise but not only. This action-RPG mobile game will take up the universe of the Diablo saga and will take place between the events of Diablo II: Lords of Destruction and Diablo III. But you don't need to be familiar with this timeline to enjoy the game and the intense combat offered. With various dungeons to explore from top to bottom, containing many secrets and dangerous monsters, and a complex but complete progression system , Diablo Immortal promises to have a very long life. In addition, you will have the opportunity to play in multiplayer. There is strength in numbers and every help is welcome to overcome the obstacles that will be put in front of you.

However, thetechnical alpha of Diablo Immortal will not be the final version. It is therefore likely that the first rendering will not be optimal and the development team already anticipates some bugs. But the important thing is that the final version is flawless, isn't it Cyberpunk 2077?

image of Diablo Immortal

What to do in the meantime?

For those who will not have access to thetechnical alpha of Diablo Immortal, there is no need to sulk in your corner because Blizzard has thought of you! Blizzard has planned a lot of content to keep the rest of the community up to date. Everyone will be able to explore the many files, videos and articles dedicated to the game on the official website. You can find gameplay samples from Diablo Immortal, an in-depth presentation of the Lore or the presentation of the first 4 available classes (Wizard, Barbarian, Monk and Demon Hunter).
There is enough to keep you busy for a while!

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