Diablo Immortal gives his news !

News from Diablo Immortal

Like a hair on the soup, Diablo Immortal has given away news, as suddenly as unexpectedly. This mobile game was announced at the 2018 Blizzcon, but despite the faithful patience of the community, little new material has been released since then. Incidentally, for the record, if you type "Diablo Immortal" in your Google search bar, the first few entries are pretty telling. They include questions like "Is Diablo Immortal still coming out?" or "What's the release date for Diablo Immortal ?" or "Is Diablo Immortal dead?".

But the game has finally shown some signs of life. It's not much, but it's still encouraging. So NetEase and Blizzard haven't completely scrapped the project. In the blue brand's Q3 2020 financial statement, the most careful observers will have noticed a section for Diablo Immortal. It's small, but it gives great news!

Questions that fans of the game frequently ask.

The good news Diablo Immortal : a regional test

As expected, Blizzard 's financial document is mostly about numbers. We learn in particular thatActivision is doing well in this year of global pandemic. Revenues have increased by 270%, mainly because Modern Warfare and Warzone are creating a lot of in-game sales. Call of Duty mobile is also doing well and the company is counting on several golden eggs.

But there is also a specific section to the game that is discreet. The section Diablo Immortal section is, admittedly, smaller than Overwatch, Hearthstone or World of Warcraft, but the news is there! We learn that the game will enter "soon" in phase of test external regional. This is a big step forward for the game and some players will "soon" be able to put their hands on it. However, it is still unclear. The time frame is particularly unclear and we have no idea which region will be affected by this test phase.

Diablo Immortals News
There's more to Blizzard's bottom line than just money!

A phase of test in Asia?

All bets are off. For our part, we wouldn't bet a dime on a test in Europe or North America. The regional test phases are rather common for mobile games. League of Legends: Wild Rift, for example, went through this stage. But usually the Asian markets (Philippines, Malaysia) are the first to be targeted. The mobile game is particularly developed there. However, we hope to be wrong and receive a new good news from Diablo Immortal !

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