New president at Electronic Arts (EA) mobile

A new president at EA mobile.

The latest games released on iOS and Android by Electronic Arts did not do very well and the company has decided to appoint a new president. So it's Jeff Karp, who after his quick stint as CEO of Big Fish Games, takes over from Samantha Ryan. It's a nice change for the former Zynga marketing director.

While the mobile gaming sector is in great shape, it will have to bring a new dynamic to EA's mobile department. Neglected in favour of the console or PC sector, it will have to do better than Command & Conquer: Rivals. One of the last games developed that really didn't convince.

New EA president to lead an army of studios

EA is a huge machine and its president of the mobile sector has great powers. Among the studios at his disposal are Industrial Toys, Capital, Track Twenty, Slingshot, Contingency, FireMonkeys, Pogo and PopCap. In addition to these well-known names, there is also a plethora of projects and initiatives. Less famous, but still with great potential.

EA Games mobile game list
EA has a strong roster of mobile games, which the new president can build on.

In addition, EA's president can count on games that speak to the general public. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, FIFA Mobile, NBA Live Mobile, Madden Overdrive, The Sims Mobile and Plants vs. The problem is that many of these successes are a bit dusty. It's been a long time since Electronic Arts has made a big hit on the smartphone.

A game of musical chairs

We shouldn't worry too much about the fate of Samantha Ryan. The former president of EA's mobile department didn't go far, as she is staying with the company. She continues to wear many hats and will be able to focus on her work with Maxis, Bioware, Motive Montreal (which is developing the upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons) and the Skate Team.

New EA Mobile President Jeff Karp
Jeff Karp has his work cut out for him at EA in his new role as President of Mobile.

Jeff Karp, on the other hand, does not arrive in unknown territory. The new president of the mobile sector, in addition to his extensive experience in the sector, has already been at EA. Indeed, he managed the company's label as manager for the Sims and Hasbro games. Now he is coming back through the front door!

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