Moonshades RPG : an old-school and modern dungeon crawler

Moonshades RPG : an old-school and modern dungeon crawler

Explore dungeons in search of loot with the game of the day as we present Moonshades RPG, a dungeon crawler that brings modernity by taking inspiration from the gameplay of retro games. Let's discover together our first impressions of this indie game developed in solo by Viktor Domonyi.

Moonshades RPG: making new from old

In Moonshades RPG, available now on Android and iOS, we go back to the 90s with an unusual gameplay for younger players. As a reminder, in a dungeon crawler, you move square by square with arrows, in labyrinthine environments to let the player make choices, like the first games of the Doom saga.

With Moonshades RPG, we dive into a medieval fantasy world with an old-school atmosphere, but which opts for more modern graphics than what we are used to seeing in this kind of game, which will certainly please players who are allergic to pixel-art.

Gameplay image

Beyond this choice of artistic direction, the game stands out thanks to its fluid interface and its operation which adopts the recent mobile games codes. There are temporary quests in addition to the main quests, with a ranking to compare yourself to other players.

On the store side, you will find 5 additional free inventory slots and can buy more to make your game experience more comfortable. You can also buy gold, gems or runes, but this is not mandatory to enjoy the game.

Retro gameplay and a modern economic system

You start your adventure in the first dungeon of Moonshades RPG which acts as a tutorial to help you understand the basics of the gameplay. If you are not familiar with the genre, use the notes on the walls to discover the interface and the possibilities of the game, but the controls are very simple to assimilate.

Moonshades RPG gameplay image

Once your two characters are equipped with their first weapons and armor, head to the Tomb of the Cruel Wolf to face your first real opponents, and then to the Voiceless Dungeon for a little more challenge. A word of warning to arachnophobes though, as giant spiders populate the dungeons of Moonshades RPG.

In addition to all the equipment, characters can learn 26 skills and equip up to 8 at the same time. An additional skill tree will allow you to further refine your build to match your play style.

Moonshades RPG skills

To help you improve your characters and progress more easily in your main adventure, you can obtain rewards by completing various daily, weekly and monthly quests in addition to the overall achievements.

Moonshades RPG achievements

Let's finish our overview of this game that deserves its place in a new version of our top mobile RPGs with one last point that may be important. Moonshades RPG is fully translated into several languages, including English, French, German, Russian and Spanish.

That's it for our Moonshades RPG preview, made in collaboration with Viktor Domonyi, the creator of this game which updates the dungeon crawler on mobile. For more information, I refer you to the official website of the game.

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