Mobile Games News Review | Week of May 17 to 21, 2021

Mobile Games News Recap week 20

Discover the weekly recap of the mobile games news of the week of May 17 to 21, 2021! We'll let you find out all about it. ⬇️

1️⃣ The NetEase studio broadcast its conference in English for the first time. The aim here is to open up to the international market and not only to the Chinese market. Many mobile games were unveiled!

2️⃣ Tencent has announced the mobile game "Project: Fighter"! A Street Fighter-like 1-on-1 fighting game in the One Piece universe. You will be able to play as all the heroes of the series.

3️⃣ Pegasus Dream Tour is a mobile sports game incorporating RPG mechanics. It features the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games. This beautiful initiative will highlight disability sport and its athletes and will include real para-athletes.

4️⃣ Com2uS announces season 2 of its strategic gacha, Lost Centuria, as well as many improvements to rewards. This new season will introduce, among other things, the World Tournament and the Brawl Mode.

5️⃣ The game My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is available on Android and iOS. The French version is not yet integrated into the game, but it should arrive soon.

6️⃣ Not to be confused with PUBG Mobile, PUBG: NEW STATE is the mobile game developed by the studio behind the PC version of the title. Its closed alpha phase starts very soon so we hope to be able to try it quickly or at least discover its gameplay.

Be sure to check out the latest mobile game releases to see what's new! See you next week for fresh news on your favourite mobile games! 😃

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