Project: Fighter, a One Piece mobile game announced by Tencent?

Mobile game One Piece

It seems that TIMi Studios has been working for a while on a brand new fighting game on mobile! Indeed, Tencent has announced the arrival of a game based on the famous manga One Piece. Are you ready to play as the Straw Hat, Zoro, Sanji, Nami or Usopp? We give you all the latest news about this One Piece mobile game codenamed "Project: Fighter"! 😎

The One Piece mobile game has a code name "Project: Fighter"!

The release of a One Piece mobile game has been announced through this trailer that you can watch just above! This news comes from analyst Daniel Ahmad, who relayed one of the first gameplay videos:

It will be a fighting game where it will be possible to play as one of the heroes of the One Piece series. The Chinese publisher Tencent has made an agreement with Bandai Namco, which is why the One Piece mobile game is in collaboration with them! For the moment, this new game is tentatively called Project: Fighter, but the title is likely to change before the official release of the game!

2D graphics and many special effects during fights... No doubt, we are in the One Piece universe and in a real single and (possibly) multiplayer fighting game! A game with one-on-one fights like Street Fighter. Moreover, the reference to this game is undeniable for this new mobile game signed by Tencent. Let's not forget that the publisher Tencent is behind very popular mobile games such as LoL: Wild Rift or PUBG Mobile.

At the moment, the game is only announced in China. There is no confirmation of an international release yet. The release date in Asia is also unknown at this time.

Luffy's crew in One Piece
Luffy's crew in One Piece

We'll be back very soon with more news about mobile games. If we get any news about this One Piece mobile game, we'll let you know! In the meantime, isn't it a good excuse to (re)watch the whole series? Yes, I think so! Have a nice day under theEast Blue sun 😉

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