Magic: The Gathering Arena coming to Android on 28 January

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It's only a matter of days before the community can play Magic: The Gathering Arena on mobile. The latter, already available on PC and Mac, is coming to Android on January 28th; and only on Android. For iOS users, you'll have to be a little more patient. No official date has been announced and for the moment, the developers have not communicated any further information on the subject. We'll have to settle for "later this year".

Magic: The Gathering Arena has taken its time to come to mobile, but it's getting it right. Players will be able to enjoy the full experience of the game, right out of the box. The developers have ported all of the content and different users will be able to play together, as the game will be cross-platform. However, there will be some bugs and adjustments to make. It is well specified that the game will be in early-access, in order to keep some leeway in case of major problems 😉

Magic: The Gathering Arena mobile should be similar in every way to the PC version.

A simultaneous release with the Kaldheim patch

The mobile game Magic: The Gathering Arena will appeal to both new and old players. The studio Wizards of the Coast hopes to reach a new audience and to build on the popularity of the card game Magic. But this mobile version is also designed for loyal players. By linking your account, all progress and data can be transferred from your PC to your mobile. Apart from a few details such as the avatar or pet, everything should match.

Magic will be released on mobile at the same time as the Kaldheim patch. This means that mobile players will be thrown straight into the mix and will also discover the new mechanics. These include Foretelling, Boast and Modal double-sided cards! The world of Magic is getting richer and richer, and players must constantly adapt and prepare new strategies.

Magic: The Gathering Arena mobile

Magic: The Gathering Arena mobile, what are the system requirements?

Magic's mobile game has minimum system requirements, and those with phones that are a little too old will not be able to play it. The developers have indicated that you will need a phone that is less than 2 years old to fully enjoy a comfortable gaming experience.
Here are the system requirements:

  • Android version: 6.0 (Marshmallow)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Graphics API: OpenGL ES 3.0
  • Texture Compression: ETC2
  • Chipset: Kirin 970, Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810

For those of you who love card games on mobile, but are left behind (iOS or weak configurations), know that there are always fallback solutions. Behind Blizzard's Elephant, Hearthstonethere are many collectible card games that are worth a look!

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