Pokemon Masters' future plans to improve its content

Pokemon Masters' future plans to improve its content

Pokemon Masters producers Yu Sasaki and the recently appointed Tetsuya Iguchi have apologised for failing to meet the community's expectations and revealed the developers' roadmap for improving the title.

In an article published on the game's website, the producer duo revealed that the most common complaints from fans were the lack of content, usability bugs, the difficulty of the game and the lack of "attractiverewards ".

"Our original plan was to have players progress through the main story while completing co-op battles and EX challenges in September and October," said Sasaki and Iguchi.

The producers had added that they understood the rapid progression of players through all the available content, which resulted in their dissatisfaction with the current state of the game. Disappointed that they did not meet expectations, their intention seems to be to ensure that this does not happen again.

Despite the bugs, thin content, and ease of abuse experienced by fans, the game had earned $33.3 million in its first month. That said, it can be seen that spending in the game's cash shop dropped drastically in its first month, as Pokemon Masters had already generated $26 million of the $33 in its first week.

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